I Want To Post Video Links Concerning The False Bible Prophetic Time Line, Sept mid Rapture, Seven Trumpets,End Of The World, Tribulation Already half way In It- and re post the Movie on A False Rapture

I was looking at some you tube vids, this is one way I can get the pulse of doing internet ministry.
It is unreal the stuff people are saying, it seems most Christians are in the dark, deception and no understanding of what the bible teaches for our orthodox, End times. Prophecy.

It is NOW Time to Leave the Cities! September 2015?
Video says time frame Sept 25 is when the seven horns are blown yet another that is saying bible prophecy and has no idea, the seals are first many are saying this, will not show vid but link,
another one more out of the bible prophetic time line.

This Is The End 9-23-2015 The Day Of Atonement...Another Piece In The Rapture Puzzle

This video , I am surprised the user not all bad, but do not endorse, thinks Sept 23 is the last day, the end, so many are saying we are well into the tribulation and a Renee M user. This insight was first found long ago, on the website 'The end time pilgrim'. The video says this Renee M came up with this new information, she did not very same thing posted years ago on End Time Watchmen.

The Rapture - September 23rd 2015 (Confirmations)!!

As always I see daily, someone saying the date of a pre-trib rapture. Good lord.

Another one ;

Rapture & The Day of the Lord Sept 23 & 24 2015 The Great Millstone Coming! Pt 1

Again Sept 23, 24 the Day of the Lord is the end of all, so another saying were all dead on Sept 23-24

Must Watch! Jesus is Coming for the Holy, Pure-Hearted and Obedient Brides! Rapture is Imminent!

From Sid Roth, not a fan at all. A little girl tells the mother the rapture is very, very soon.

VERY FEW Will Enter RAPTURE - Learn How To Prepare Yourself

This one has had 1.5 million views, the video says prepare from the Rapture very soon.

I think with all the videos I just gave a couple, there are hundreds, thousands. I must re post a video posted a while ago, concerning the false pre trib rapture.

After the Tribulation (Full Movie)

Put out by Alex Jones Co, but he is not in it thank God LOL.

You make the call, what the bible teaches , or these end time false teachings, false Dates, end of world, on and on , the bible is very clear on this matter.
All seem to be looking at September for the months, the world ends, the rapture takes place, the seven trumpets sounded, have no idea where the seals when they are first. I just post the bible, truth, my opinion, you make up your own mind.