Main PC Dead.

No suprise the main PC is dead. Oddly I wrote a couple posts down about a thur-Fri- hack on line and things.
Thought I got them all. I started my PC did an upgrade on something unknown restart blue screen of death came.
I did IT, A+ etc. I did all I know to do. Thank God, this time I backed up the schools, and some things, sadly again I lost all else, books half done, writing, music, all gone. Oh well. Again.
Back up with a lap top fro now Just FYI, will soon post.

Good-bye books almost done, have notes and in the head so will be faster now to do. 
Jade Helm on the ground ecents and one in Yermo strange stuff beloved, strange days. The lord has given me a few things in the word and ideas I will share on some things all can do to prepare.
For any EQ, anything, a storm, etc. all should be prepared anyway on a daily bases.