Not seeing Is Believing- A Word Study On Faith -True Bible Faith

1Pe 1:8 whom not having seen ye love; on whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice greatly with joy unspeakable and full of glory:

Joh 20:29 Jesus saith unto him, Because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


From a compound of G5259 and G2476; a setting under (support), that is, (figuratively) concretely essence, or abstractly assurance (objectively or subjectively): - confidence, confident, person, substance.

Thayer Definition:
1) a setting or placing under
1a) thing put under, substructure, foundation
2) that which has foundation, is firm
2a) that which has actual existence
2a1) a substance, real being
2b) the substantial quality, nature, of a person or thing
2c) the steadfastness of mind, firmness, courage, resolution
2c1) confidence, firm trust, assurance

NOTE: FAITH IS, The substance, to have faith we must have understanding, and to have spiritual understanding, we must stand under, the divine hupostasis. HUPO is to UNDER, and histēmi
his'-tay-mee is from Stao, stand. Understand. This is how the word hupostasis came to be, and hupostasis A setting under, we can to understand fully, till we stand under Gods word and claim it as ours we do not see it, but we believe it.


Full of glory (dedoxasmenēi). Perfect passive participle of doxazō, to glorify, “glorified joy,” like the glorified face of Moses (Exo_34:29.; 2Co_3:10.


doxazō dox-ad'-zo

Thayer Definition:
1) to think, suppose, be of opinion
2) to praise, extol, magnify, celebrate
3) to honour, do honour to, hold in honour
4) to make glorious, adorn with lustre, clothe with splendor
4a) to impart glory to something, render it excellent
4b) to make renowned, render illustrious
4b1) to cause the dignity and worth of some person or thing to become manifest and acknowledged

1Pe 1:8
Full of glory (δεδοξασμένῃ)
Lit., glorified, as Rev., in margin.

Unspeakable (aneklalētōi). Late and rare double compound verbal (alpha privatize and Paleozoic), here only in N.T., in Dichloride and Heliopolis, “unutterable,” like Paul’s “indescribable” (anesthesiologist) gift (2Co_9:15, here alone in N.T.).

2Co 9:15 Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift.


From G1 (as a negative particle) and a presumed derivative of G1555; not expounded in full, that is, indescribable: - unspeakable.

For his unspeakable gift (epi tēi anekdiēgētōi autou dōreāi). One of Paul’s gems flashed out after the somewhat tangled sentence (2Co_9:10-14) like a gleam of light that clears the air. Words fail Paul to describe the gift of Christ to and for us. He may have coined this word as it is not found elsewhere except in ecclesiastical writers save as a variant (B L) for adiēgēton in Aristeas 99 (thaumasmon anekdiēgēton, “wonder beyond description,” Moulton and Milligan’s Vocabulary). See similar word in Rom_11:33 (anexichniasta, unsearchable) and Eph_3:8.

We see from this word study that not seeing and believing is a greater blessing. So many still say show your self God and I will believe, do this or that and I might believe than. Faith is not seeing and still believing no matter what happens.

What great comfort we get from this fact, more blessed are they who do not see and yet Believe. The Jews were always seeking a sign and to this day they still do, sadly many of us still have this show and tell mentality, this is a place we must grow up and out of, we should no longer be as children tossed to and fro with every wind of Doctrine, by now many should be eating meat, but are still content with milk.
How will we be able to handle the coming chariots and horse men , if we still can not deal with the footmen, The prophet was saying you are not ready to handle a real battle, but you should be, by now you ought to be teachers , yet you are still in need to be taught, this should not be the case.

We must get beyond having to see, having a confirmation, we must get out of our need for a fleece like Gideon. Remember Gideon needed two fleeces, he was still in unbelief, he was called by the angel a might man of val-our, but it took him a while to get it. We are like that, it takes a little while, but to many of us time is is up, we so need take the next step into the mature place of belief an faith, feasting on meat and not milk, may it be so with you today, more blessed are you dear one because you have believed and have not seen