100% Tuition Free Bible College-Minister While It is Still Light

The hours is late, in my opinion maybe to late, but we must minister while it is light, not easy when you know that you know that you know, what is ahead. I encourage the true Christian, it is hard at times to think straight, to have fear, to even be a little confused about things, this is normal for all beloved, I exhort you, press on, push on, press in, walk out and serve, it is all we can do until the great events happen, we can not white knuckle it, that is not faith. Have faith in God, not man, nothing, Have faith in God. He is with you, he loves you, and he has called you, be strong in the lord and the power of HIS might.

So, until than I minister on till I can not amen it is all any of us can do.


Some students have been doing a very good job, you can read some of the work, example at,


It is almost that time people apply seen it do this four years now, so pray for the college.