You may know, I have spoke a few times concerning the mission must have a way to get the deep well water, I have been in faith, but holy prayer on this one, well Deb Lesar from N.V. is getting the mission the bucket, rope, pulley so holy cow and PTL.

I ask you beloved, the time is now, please consider any donation at all, we need things OK. 

Thank you to Deb. this will keep many alive, number one problem taken care of.

Soon your money will be monopoly money, so If you have ever given thought to giving, and have put it off, now is the time. If you have given before, please help us. Deb has done so much, is there not one person anywhere that can invest your money now, soon you will not have it, so now is the time.
A Big PTL to our one and only monthly supporter, it is all we live on , serious.
Thank-you, and as posted another- 'Big Goodbye'. 

Pray for this mission. 

I have been getting many words, hard words and comfort, it is all about Jesus now, nothing else matters .
I look in faith to a few helping us out soon.

Lord bless
Dr Dan Abaldo


  1. Hello bro , just tried to e mail you , have lost your address , had to re programme my phone a couple of months ago , and it must of been wiped off , my email is sparkypierce1973@gmail.com , drop us an e mail so I've got your address bro

  2. Hello Mark, the email same it is seen on this site to the right under contact my email P.O. box and phone number all on the site.
    Thank you for your email I will email you .


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