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 5.8 And 5.5 Strikes Rwanda, And Democratic Republic of The Congo!!! Probably Means Tectonic Plate Movement!!! What Next??? UPDATE: Typhoon Soudelor Landfall at Taiwan!!!

I'm going to add this update since the Landfall of Typhoon Soudelor will mean biggest Major Earthquake in memory, here's a pic from this very moment 11am Central Time:

See site for pic.

AND Please tune in to "Earthquake Minute" Radio Show later today to hear all about it!!! NOW Todays EQ Blog previously written:

Had to go back all through a lot of old EQ Blog entries to try and figure out why there has been two major earthquakes out there in the middle of Africa like there were just these two a couple hours before writing this blog. Was quite a lot of work on this project. . . but I believe I have it figured out! First take a look at the felt report from the larger of the two earthquakes that appear to have epicenters within about a mile of each other and the smaller felt report is one from Kivu, and one from Kigali. Here's the felt report at press time from the 5.8:

Cyangugu, Cyangugu, Rwanda...........3.....37
Kibuye, Kibuye, Rwanda.......................1.....54
Goma, Nord-Kivu, Congo (Dem. Rep.)...3.....64
Ruhengeri, Ruhengeri, Rwanda.........1....110
Kisoro, Western, Uganda....................1....131
Kigali, Ville de Kigali, Rwanda............12....132
Bujumbura, Bujumbura, Burundi........1....143

So, it appears this must be the job of landfall of Typhoon Chan-Hom at Shanghai, China on July 10, 2015 where we have also been doing a lot of discussion on Mt. Vesuvius because it could explain the earthquake energy being in the vicinity of the East African Rift and would still indicate something Major could shake around that region of Italy where that big volcano is located!

Did try to somehow blame this shaking on the fact that the Huge Typhoon Soudelor is ever so quickly increasing it's seriousness as it nears Taiwan and also did just so happen to make a smaller landfall at Saipan Island out there in the Pacific earlier in the week. That's a long ways away for a windstorm to strike such a tiny island and travel all the way to Central Africa so quickly!!! Therefore not likely to have much to do with this shaking just now, although it is POSSIBLE that had something to do with it! 5.5 and 5.8 would be about right, but I'd need to have some idea Saipan is geographically located with respect to Rwanda? Kind of a longshot and landfall of Chan-Hom is on about Day 30 which will be August 9, 2015 so it just looks like the culprit behind all the shaking in Africa! Also means Italy or some other country along that straight line which crosses just to the north of this Rwanda Epicenter might be looking at a sure thing as far as Major Earthquakes are concerned!!!

Coming up on Friday is that Major Landfall at Taiwan of Typhoon Soudelor and it is GUARANTEED to be a game changer as far as the Major Earthquake Forecast is concerned!!! Be Watching!!! EQ Guy

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