I have Been In a Full Two Year Study On Just The Herb Ashwagandha root-Why? What Have I learned This is not the first post about , in my two year study, use and giving to clients I have come to learn the following. From The Herb Blog


1. It is the number one herb for many, many Mental Health issues, some herbalist say no, but in India 3K plus years this herb has been used for mental health problems. I will take the 3K folk lore India use hands down.

2. It works.

3. What does it do and what is the correct dosage for this herb.
a. 50ml a day three times a day, a total of 150ml, this is the target for anxiety attacks.
b. 750mL a day in aprox 150mL dosage for social anxiety issues, fears, phobias, antidepressant, effects are done by both doses in 2 weeks, around that.
c. You can take this herb every day.

4.Basic-higher dose more a CNS stimulant, 2-4 grams are taken 2-3 a day by athletes and those that want and can take the stimulation . It is OK to take a 1 gram dose, split up 2-3 times a day. It is like Siberian Ginseng, it is a , nerve tonic, and healer of the CNS system 100% for many.

From my two year study and trial I can say it has become my main herb, above all others, If I only had one single herb to use it would be a toss up of these three herbs.
2.Ashwagandha root
3. Black elder, this herb is a whole medicine chest in itself

My past posts about Kanna I no longer use it, it causes a very strong lift and causes anxiety in many. Kava-Kava I posted a lot on that, I tried almost every kind there is, some, like me if you get a stomach issue from this Kava Kava stop asap.

I no longer use Kava or Kanna, I have not given up on Kanna , but a good fermented root from vendor out of my price range for daily use, but 50mg 3 times a day after a week or two has good results, low dose like Ashwagandha root  50 mL 3 times a day.

You learn by trying, doing etc.

I have been taking ash 150-200mL a day 3 times a day 50-75mL and in a couple weeks I noticed a calmness I did not have in a stressful situation after use of Ash, will do this, and once it does this it will make it so you do not have an attack.

My end game work on this issue and what works is as follows.

B-50 complex, Magnesium, calcium- Chelated,  Swanson is great for these supplements hands down. Ashwagandha root   50mL 3 times a day, 4mL- 3 times a day of American Skullcap.I am growing American and Chinese skullcap. American Skullcap I have come to learn is the one herb that does it all, it is also a antiviral and antibiotic and more.

That is the protocol I am now using and I am seeing great results in my family and others, esp Skullcap, great sleep aid on nite dose as well as Ash. low dose helps with sleep.

The last herb I  have come to see as a great 911 herb and daily herb with a break every few weeks. Motherwart, its best used when the heart is racing, palpitations, cardiac trouble due to nerves and for women issue , but anxiety related anxiety this is the go to herb.

If you do not have skullcap, motherwart is the substitute for it, but only American Skullcap is the one with zero side effects, motherwart a great nervine, the next day it may  give you the shakes and hell to, pay, but motherwart in a anxiety attack can do the job.

If I read one more website, read and pay for books on CNS and anxiety, the books all say the same thing.
Kava and or Valerian, if one more book says that is the number one herb I will scream, it is not good at all, for racing thoughts, ones that have enough blood flow and oxygen in body, this you would not take .

Well, I hope this helps some one It does me.