It is NOW Time to Leave the Cities! September 2015 -Video-Truth And Not Truth

Most of the message is true, but like ALL, it says September is when the seven year trib starts and the trumpets start to sound. Not true, but true, America and other places will be judged and if you can, it is prudent to leave populated areas if your called to do so. I got to get the book done , such a need Antichrist Hunters .
The great TRIBULATION WILL NOT BE IN 2015 OR 2016 .

Up Date- Aug 14, A big PTL.
A local is going to pay 145.00 of our internet bill, so amen, time left to see the lord provide the last needed 50.00 I know it will be so, it was odd, the local reads daily and came up to us and gave most the funds, that is a huge first and amen, thank you for your prayers. Now pray the other 50.00 comes in to get that taken care of.

UP DATE-Herbs, 100 looks and zero sales, but so it was last time. We are in need of that water boy bucket and also our new internet just gave a bill 195.00 they told us it would be broken up, the first payment is due, and than payments, did not know, today I do, we do not have it and in 2 weeks face losing internet, I ask again Please if you can this month we need help very bad. Any amount will help thank-you, asked yet again sorry we have serious needs OK.