Sheep On A Diet

"If you love me feed my sheep".
Jesus spoke those words to Peter after the lord rose from the dead.
Every true bible Christian reading this, you are called to be priests and a royal , holy one at that.
The lord has been speaking to me fresh manna on holiness.

Holiness, it seems to be legalism to some, it is freedom.
We read, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Oh saints, do you want to see the lord? Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow the lord. Holiness is power, the HOLY Spirit, the holiness of the lord is for the ones who seek him,  ones that stay on the face in prayer, and look to the lords, power, love, protection.
This is not bad, it is good.

Many sheep in the fold are on a diet, a diet from sound doctrine, holiness, and kingdom living.
Sheep in the fold are starving, others are on a diet, a choice, to go on in delusion, falsehood.
If we are to hear the words, My good and faithful servant, let us not be on a diet from the bible, prayer, let us feast on these holy things given us, all other things are sinking sand.

Are you on a diet from holiness? Are you in a Church that is void of the bible being preached?
In both cases it comes down to free will and choice. What do you chose? A feast at the lords table, or a diet, at a time when it will be a literal diet, as we see famine, pestilence, war, and chaos, it is time to feed, feast, joy in the lord, this is our strength.

This is the word of the lord.