The 72 HOUR RED FLAG Before Martial Law!! 2015 Jade Helm Exposed!! -Susanne Posel

This is a very good interview, it was recorded almost two years ago, but points to September as most seem to be saying September we will soon see.
I have read, watch videos, and it seems, all true Prophets, watchmen, and most economists that are independent are all saying September. This would fit with the prophecy that was given this year. It is very hard to grasp in a month or so, IF all are correct the economic collapse starts.
I am not in fear, but like many reading this a lot of need and so it looks like soon its no ministry and life will change, if not September, very soon after.

My family still will not believe any of this, I do not care, my whole family is on the mission , Goshen for now, I must say lastly, Bob Banister sent me an email, he said,"He is seeing the meltdown everywhere, empty places, closed stores, no one spending but a few, empty streets and places, it is a call to sound doctrine as never before.

Bob is seeing this all over America, he is our eyes on the street and he is alarmed and not in fear, he knows what he sees. I trust Bob more than a video by someone I do not know, Bob would not lie, this is serious now beloved, please be ready and do not fear, do what you can to be ready, start by accepting Jesus if you have not.