The Presumed Antichrist Is Leaving The Building- And Other Top Stories

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Greek PM Tsipras steps down, calls early elections
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has confirmed his resignation and early election plans for Greece in a live address. The move comes after Athens managed to pay a huge chunk of its €3.4 billion debt to the ECB.

I can see I will do postings in parts of the Antichrist Hunters, I will never get it done, so This will be a short part one with other headlines.

I posted all over You tube,l other places, sent emails, posted on this site the Greek PM was NOT the Antichrist and why, I will not need to deal with that so called Antichrist now, he is stepping down. I told you so. Do not let men deceive you .

Other News, busy day much going on.

S. Korea orders border evacuations as North declares readiness for war following exchange of fire
After South Korea’s military shelled North Korea’s border area – apparently in response to an earlier shelling from the North – Kim Jong-un has ordered full military readiness for war, unless Seoul scraps its anti-Pyongyang propaganda.

Macedonia declares state of emergency over surge in migrants & refugees, ready to deploy army
Macedonia has declared a state of emergency on its southern and northern borders over a surge in migrants and refugees, the Interior Ministry announced. The country said it would involve the army in confronting the crisis.

Yemen on brink of famine following bombing of vital port, UN says
The war in Yemen has pushed the nation to the brink of famine, with millions of people facing possible starvation, the United Nations has announced. Women and children are particularly at risk as fighting near ports continues to stall food imports.

Israel strikes Damascus’ military targets in retaliation for rocket fire by ‘Iran-funded militants’
Israel has pounded with artillery and launched airstrikes against 14 Syrian military positions in Golan Heights, holding Damascus responsible for failing to prevent a rocket attack on Israeli territory which the IDF pinned on an “Iran funded Islamic Jihad” group.

Ukrainian, Polish fans brawl with flares, knives ahead of Europa League match (VIDEO)
Several massive brawls, involving pyrotechnics and knives, broke out between Ukrainian and Polish football fans ahead of Legia Warsaw’s away match at Zarya Lugansk in the Europa League.  ( Good lord, over a game wow.)

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Rain on China blast city raises pollution and contamination fears – ground water poisoned from massive blast crater?

August 2015 – CHINA – Heavy rain fell Tuesday on the remains of a Chinese industrial site devastated by giant explosions, complicating clean-up efforts and heightening fears about toxic contamination as ceremonies were held to mark the disaster’s 114 deaths. Around 700 tons of highly toxic sodium cyanide were at the site in the northern port of Tianjin, officials say, and water could spread it more widely. Rainwater could also disperse chemical residues on the ground into the air when it evaporates, and some of the many substances on the scene could react with it. Amid public anger over the disaster more details about the site operator were reported and a senior work safety official was put under investigation. Officials have insisted the city’s air and water are safe, but locals and victims’ relatives have voiced skepticism, while international environment group Greenpeace has also urged transparency. “I’m worried because we don’t know what’s in the rain,” said a taxi driver as he made his way through the morning deluge. “It could be full of poison.”

Air pollution killing 4,000 in China a day, U.S. study finds

Ecuadorian volcano Cotopaxi’s activity is threatening 325,000 lives.

Superbugs: treatment-resistant head lice have now spread to 25 U.S. states