Verizon accused of tearing out copper telephone lines to force FiOS and wireless on customers

Reader in this post I will explain more about Verizon-Fios, this post says why internet speed and loss of connectn. It is a big brother fast internet as I said. I found this post and it says it all.

These kinds of reports are anecdotal, but they serve to reinforce the allegations made by the Utility Reform Network in its recent filing with the California Public Utilities Commission. The complaint presents evidence that Verizon has taken weeks to repair service to copper-wire customers, actively pushed these customers towards FiOS, and told other customers that they have no choice but to switch to wireless Voice Link telephony (at ruinous data access rates if they pair it with Verizon Wireless via HomeFusion Plans).

Ironically, Verizon has actively talked up its own plans of this sort. In 2012, Verizon’s Chief Financial officer, Fran Shammo, told the Oppenheimer Holdings Technology, Internet, and Communications Conference that “we are really proactively going after these copper customers in the FiOS footprint and moving them to FiOS. So if you are a voice copper customer and you call in that says you are having trouble on your line, when we go out to repair that we are actually moving you to the FiOS product. We are not repairing the copper anymore.”

Why does Verizon want to shove people off copper?

Because copper service is regulated in a way that voice-over IP services aren’t. By shoving people off copper and locking them into fiber deployments when it’s the only fiber carrier in town, Verizon avoids its regulatory requirement to provide service to all citizens. It avoids the regulatory requirement to provide interoperability with other service providers. Plain old telephone service (POTS) is mandated to work with fax machines, credit card readers, alarm systems, and other forms of embedded technology, whereas new IP-provided services aren’t.

To date, the FCC has refused to regulate Verizon and AT&T’s data networks and IP-based services as though they were common carriers, but as the URN complaint makes clear, Verizon’s efforts to deliberately degrade telephone service are multifaceted and in some cases may be illegal. The company has aggressively downsized the number of techs it had that were trained on repairing copper lines, hired workers that were only trained to build out fiber deployments, then told customers that it took so long to repair copper lines because they were unreliable, and that users should migrate to fiber.

There you have it, I knew I was not crazy, note CA St as said, this infromatioon, found this early am.
It is criminal, but for a reason, no copper, regular service, all made to be wi-fi-and fios as per request by the NSA. It is a way to make it so all data can be snatched out of thin air, harder to do with a real land line DSL.

This is whay I said , many are having interuptions on Verizon, it says it all in the post above. Expect a lot more of this as we face to the day of no FREE internet.