I Had To Do A Fast Post We Are All Dead September 23 2015, Fallacy of Deception

On Sept 2 2015- see that prophecy on this site, short and to the point, many times the lord gives me a true word they are short, some prophecy for hours, from what I have seen and heard, the words  is 99.9% of the time false, or flesh.
I have learned when it is the lord, my flesh or the enemy, wisdom comes by years nothing else, we must obtain the grey head as a crown LOL. The small still voice, I have mentioned this endless times. I was in the word I read, "And the sheep would follow the Shepherd, but not a stranger" the lord is saying, if you are truly one of mine you will make it, by the hard narrow gate, but if you stay in the lord you will be in glory soon.

Why is this deception allowed, the people have to want it.

September 23, 2015 most have read it, seen videos etc. Once again the lord said, this will be another non event, odd of late the lord has been speaking to me about things that will not happen. The lord has always shown me things that will happen, this is a different thing, declaring the truth in love but loud, and what the lord is saying. Look I am not saying I know all truth, or the lord only speaks by me, dear lord, I would be stricken dead fast. 


 Do not let the things happening seem as if it was the end of the world. CERN is turning on and now the gates of hell open-Wrong, thank you Steve Qyale. CERN has one reason for being, the rich elite want to get off planet earth, as we see in scy-fi movies. They are looking for gravity manipulation and looking to find a way to create an opening in the sky, a worm hole, than off to other planets, No gates of hell with powerful demons coming after us, good lord, that is always mind game conspiracy, made to sound like bible truth.

On this site the lord gave me this kind of a word concerning the Planet X hoax and it would be a non event.

Comet E.L.E.in, the lord called that one and said it would not strict the earth and would be a non event, I posted, if you recall, the video of Venus, some planet? the E.L.E.in drawn into the planets atmosphere and smashed, the fake wormwood, it is always wormwood, that happens after the mid trib.

The huge tsunami that was to hit and kill most of the population in 2012, another word of truth, a non event, these same fear mongers keep at these videos and do not stop, it is wild, I would go and hide and never make a video that serious and have egg on face, I like my eggs on a plate LOL.

The Pope is coming on this target deception date, so what, a first to speak to the governments so what, he is more likely there to push the one world Church, and the gay agenda, it may be blessed at this time by the Pope, more reason for  judgment on us.

Read and believe what you want, free will. I know what I was told and it will be, a very accurate time table to his holy Remanent bride, not September, it starts in OCT 2015. Watch and see if the prophets of Baal, or a sound doctrine preacher that has gift of prophecy , lets see, who is right, the lie will be exposed on OCT 1, when all will eat crow over these things.

Lastly; before anyone cheers about this non event word, I tell you now this year, yes 2015 we will see shocking things as all slowly turns to ruble. 

Great, Great Judgemnets will start OCT 1 2015 and get worse, be full of faith and keep your head, do not listen to this stuff. The lord will confirm these truths to his real people , you can have the lord speak to your own heart and free will. I ask all to be serious and get real, the show is about to start, Just not on Sep-22-24 2015.
This is the true word of the lord, now we minister, work etc, NO FEAR, but be bold for Jesus we only have a short window before the iron curtain comes down in Time Square . Time Square, and other places, but not in this month. I pray many read this so they are able to sleep in peace on the 23erd.

The videos that come in OCT will be as they are every single October, the so called, October surprise, only they will finally, after years of causing fear , they may be correct this time, but not in September, I stress this as the lord keeps telling me, no, not yet, hold on, not yet. All I saw, back when we got the mission, is beyond words it is what it is. I plan on sleeping the night of the 23, you could get up at midnight and be ready to be taken away, or go to a party, they will be all over as there always are in hard , wild times, the eat, drink and be merry crowd, do not be part of that.

This is from the lord I know it, you will see this is true. You will see by not seeing any huge event this month.


  1. Hello Dr. Dan-
    The only event on September 23rd will be Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Instead of worrying about what is coming, may we all get down on our knees and pray in repentance to are God and King.
    Bless You for your obedience!
    Sister Sue

  2. SUE hello,
    Thank you for your comment and confirmation of this amen, but it will not be long now, lord bless you.

  3. Absolutely we are to pray ,but we are to sound the alarm , and shout loud , this last blood moon Is gods last huge warning , these events are now going to unfold over next few months and into 2016 , these are planned events , god wants us as prophets and watchman to SOUNDTHE ALARM ! It's the unsaved that are more dangerous peril in this generation than any other ,IM SAYING THIS WITH AUTHORITY ,they are I the last stages of preparing this world for the coming anti Christ , yes Jesus should be first in our lives , of course , but as watchman on the wall we are to SHOUT OF IMENDING DANGER TO ALL THOSE AROUND US ! The MASSESare going to walk straight into accepting this coming anti Christ and taking the mark ! for any one that missed the CLEAR illuminati mind programming acceptance of the coming luciferian new world order / anti Christ , watch a you tube video , it's 18 mins long , it's called " giants , come out of pit in rugby World Cup " look at the masses in the stadium taking this thing in , let alone the millions in their homes sitting in front of thier illuminati mind programming system ( television ) ! They are waking STRAIGHT INTO THIS , we are to fight , shout , sound the alarm for the Lord , so many souls are at stake ! I cannot believe how openly they are parading thier coming satanic system , and the masses are sucking it up , as Christians we know that bible prophescy and the end times are lining up Perfectly , we are laughed at by the non believers , yet if they knew what we know , and the eternity that awaits them, they would soon come on board the ark of safety that is in the CHRIST AND CHRIST ALONE ! It's ALL ABOUT SOUNDING THE ALARM AND TRYING TO WARN THE UNSAVED THAT THERE REALLY IS A SATAN AND A DEMONIC WORLD WHO HAVE AN END TIME PLAN FOR THIER THEM , and that they do have a satanic elite that carry out thier agenda , very soon , it will be either Jesus or the anti Christ , this is the huge end time battle that is approaching and WILL Play out in this generation leading to the Kings return !

  4. Mark, I never allow comments that give a link or talk of a thing I do not know about? Second all this site does is warn, maybe you took that wrong, I may not be clear if that is directed to me or your chiming in on what I said. 5 years of warning of these events never has and never will change, I agree with most of what you said.thank you for your comment
    In Jesus
    Dr D

  5. Not directed at you at all bro , just saying your spot on brother , bang on the ball ! I'm behind you all the way , think you misunderstood me , I'm same as you , trying to wake people up in the United Kingdom !

  6. I thought so, amen, love you brother keep the battle hot in the UK


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