Martial Law Has Been Declared!!!!!!!!!!!.....On The Christian Faith PT 2

Short and to the point.

The ongoing political, churchanity, media, and in spirit, Do not come in tanks, black face masks, it comes in whispers, yells, revolutions, a desire to be free from God and anything moral or right.

This has been happening a long time, now it is at lighting pace, as the unseen turns seen on October and November, maybe when it is called for real, but on the nation.

WDJD? WHAT DID JESUS DO? Romans occupation, born under a police state what did our lord do? Our lord preached, 'love your enemies', that was a radical thought then and it is today. Another verse just as hard for the flesh to grasp and live is, 'do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good'. I have heard people say, Jesus was God as you say, all this was easy for God? This is a truth, but our lord, many times did not use his divinity, he suffered and lived in the flesh as a man, he wept, cried, signed, turned tables upside down, the most amazing thing, when Jesus was standing before the court and being hit, punched,spit on , yelled at, he spoke not a word, the silence shattered the gates of hill as the perfect sacrifice willingly gave his life, that is radical, that is not possible for anyone but the Messiah, but this was Jesus ministry, reaction to being born in a police state, it was the betrayer Judas Iscariot a zealot that sold the lord for silver.

Our response to this current Martial Law of the Christian Faith, should be no different, unless, as Pt 1 said, you are in a Camp, a prison, of your own making, or willful, out of fear.

The word still cuts like a knife, prayer is still a powerful weapon, if we use these things we will have victory in the middle of Chaos.