Pray For My Wife's Health And My Rib Injury-And A Huge PTL- Also Where Is Bob?

My wife has taken a turn for the worse, she has lost 48 lbs. She saw the DR, and her thyroid medication is the cause, she is very weak, a med change , hope it helps, she is weak.
Pray for my rib injury I tried lifting a box , not very heavy and a pop sound, I am in as much pain as I was when it happened.
Also Pray for Robert ( Bob Bannister) I have not heard from him in a couple weeks, I have emailed many, many times, he is a long haul trucker and this is not at all bob, he would have emailed or called, he is lit. MIA, pray he is well and safe.

A PTL, I thank the lord Deb Lesar, got the water boy bucket, rope, and things to make it work, the number one huge need of this mission, now I have great peace, a bog amen and the need is meet PTL.

 As most know I post a lot, it is rare I can not, due to all these things, will keep in touch and just pray for us OK. Dan