The Cry Of Prayer-What Is It-What To Do This Month Ps 55 Exposition

Psa 55:17 Evening, and morning, and at noonday, will I complain, and moan; And he will hear my voice.

Psa 55:18 He hath redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me; For they were many that strove with me.

Psa 55:19 God will hear, and answer them, Even he that abideth of old, Selah. The men who have no changes, And who fear not God.

Psa 55:20 He hath put forth his hands against such as were at peace with him: He hath profaned his covenant.

Psa 55:21 His mouth was smooth as butter, But his heart was war: His words were softer than oil, Yet were they drawn swords.

Psa 55:22 Cast thy burden upon Jehovah, and he will sustain thee: He will never suffer the righteous to be moved.

VRS 17-Barnes;

Psalms 55:17

Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray - In another place Psa_119:164 the psalmist says that he engaged in acts of devotion seven times in a day. Daniel prayed three times a day, Dan_6:10. David went, in his troubles, before God evening, morning, and mid-day, in solemn, earnest prayer. So Paul, in a time of great distress, gave himself on three set occasions to earnest prayer for deliverance. See the notes at 2Co_12:8. This verse, therefore, does not prove that it was a regular habit of David to pray three times a day; but in view of the passage, it may be remarked

(a) that it is proper to have regular seasons for devotion, of frequent occurrence; and

(b) that there are favorable and suitable times for devotion.

The morning and the evening are obviously appropriate; and it is well to divide the day also by prayer - to seek, at mid-day, the rest titan bodily and mental toil which is secured by communion with God - and to implore that strength which we need for the remaining duties of the day. True religion is cultivated by frequent and regular seasons of devotion.

And cry aloud - The word here employed properly means to murmur; to make a humming sound; to sigh; to growl; to groan. See the notes at Psa_42:5. Here the language means that he would give utterance to his deep feelings in appropriate tones - whether words, sighs, or groans. To the deep thoughts and sorrows of his soul he would often give suitable expression before God.
And he shall hear my voice - The confident language of faith, as in Psa_55:16.

Lets See what the Hebrew says on crying out;


A primitive root (compare H1949); to make a loud sound (like English “hum”); by implication to be in great commotion or tumult, to rage, war, moan, clamor: - clamorous, concourse, cry aloud, be disquieted, loud, mourn, be moved, make a noise, rage, roar, sound, be troubled, make in tumult, tumultuous, be in an uproar.

It would seem like a bible difficulty, it is not, we are told not to murmurer, and such, in this we see the word can mean just that, but different a word, different meaning as Barnes brought out.

The meaning is King David was moaning, not murmuring, its OK to moan, groan, we read in Rom ch 8, 'the Spirit himself makes intercession with groans that can not be uttered', this is the Holy Spirit in the O.T. doing the same thing.

The second and most notable , and my message is the word LOUD, this crying out in Hebrew can mean groan, moan, mourn, in this verse it means any of these words, but loud. Why loud? The lord is not hard of hearing, he knows our thoughts from far off, so why the crying out, why the loudness of it? It is for us, it is our cry for help in a 911 situation. The 911 situation is on us, it is September and all we can do is wait and see.

The lord has been speaking to me about broken, contrite, humble, weeping hearts of his children. He loves us so much. The cry also is an act of desperation, example, you now we have all said,”I do not know what to say, or do for you, I guess I can pray at-least”. At-least!!!!!!!!!!! what is that saying?It is saying we do not feel prayer will do much, where is our faith, praying for people and people praying for us is worth more than gold and silver. I know when I am being prayed for, I can lit feel it, and I am able to be encouraged and do what I am told to do, all by praying saints.

Loud praying, loud anguish of heart, a broken heart, our country is about to be no more, weeping, and more weeping, it is a key, again for us, prayer edifies ourselves, especially when we pray in the Spirit, as Jude said;

Jud 1:20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,

In Peter we read,'Be sober minded for the purpose of prayer'. Literally sober, not drunk, high, pill popping, this stops our ability, or desire to pray. In the O.T. When one became a Nazerite, male or female, did you know a female could be a Nazerite? I looked and found none, but there were some. They had to abstain from all worldly things, could not drink any wine, strong drink, anything from the vine, esp. fermented, they could not touch a dead body, so the Nazerite is what we are like in a way. Separate from the world, not drunk as in excess, Pharmacy as noted in Greek, means witchcraft, all drugs M.J. Any thing, that alters your mind. It is a call to watch and pray, to pray as we should it takes a sober mind, this also means not having a cluttered mind,you pray and over and over thoughts come to you, distract your praying and it has little effect.

At times we cry out to the lord when we are not sober minded,filled with what if's, fear of what is coming, and such things, I have cried out for the lord to help me to focus and have a clear mind, not easy now days, sometimes I have too literally shout out loud and cry out loud to overcome my flesh.

Prayer is the main word, loud prayer, prayer always and sober to the purpose of Prayer. This month, many are on the edge of their seat, why? I can not change the events, you can not, we are to be strong in the lord.

If there has ever been a time in America's history now is the time for the true Christian to fast, pray, seek the lords face, do not let every video,the news, nothing stop you, it has taken so many in a place of being lethargic, they try, but can not pray. This has to stop beloved, it is time to arise, sound the alarm, and call for a Holy Assembly of the bride.

Point 2. Psa 55:18 He hath redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me; For they were many that strove with me.

The cry, not about God, but to God is a step of faith, God is moved by acts of faith, in comes the lord and says I will take this one my child, it is to much for you. The lord does this, he waits many times till the last second and than God arises and he scatters our enemies.

Next we have a conditional clause IF, the next verse says a lot;

Psa 55:19 God will hear, and answer them, Even he that abideth of old, Selah. The men who have no changes, And who fear not God.

Gill Says;
Because they have no changes; Kimchi renders it, who hath no changes; taking למו to be the same with לו, and interprets it of God; connecting it with the former clause, that he that abideth of old hath no changes. There is no variableness nor shadow of turning with him; he never changes his mind, nor alters his counsel, whether it be for good or evil; and yet wicked men fear him not. But rather this is to be understood of sinners, as the Targum paraphrases it,

"who are not of old, and who do not change their evil way;''

who have no changes in their hearts, nor in their lives, but continue in their natural and sinful estate, without any impression of the power and grace of God upon them. Or they have no changes in their worldly circumstances, from good to bad, as Aben Ezra explains it; things go well with them, and they are not in trouble as other men; they are at ease and quiet, and are settled on their lees; see Job_10:17. Or they have no regard to their last change by death; and are not afraid of that, as Jarchi interprets it; they put away this evil day far from them; think nothing about it, as if it would never be, and as if they had made an agreement with it that this change should never come upon them, Job_14:14;

Therefore they fear not God; do not serve and worship him now, and are not afraid of his judgments here or hereafter; no change being made in their hearts, nor any alteration in their secular affairs for the worse; but having much goods laid up for many years, and sentence against their evil works not being speedily executed, their hearts are hardened, and they live secure in sin.

A call to stay the course, stay steady, and also to have the proper N.T. Fear of God. If we have the fear of God we are more likely to have the ear of God. Faith, faithfulness, and holy, humble fear, this is the message, this is what must be this month.

Weeping is about to start in this present darkness, but our Joy will come after, and during the collapse, and the judgments. Gill said, people who do not fear Gods Judgment at all, that can only make one speechless, no fear of the judgment and penalty of sin, in this life and the one to come, 'Eat, drink and be marry for tomorrow we die;, how sad for the many that are in that place, and so judgments come, to refine by fire, to make us pure as gold.

You have a choice , follow this word, heed it, or feel like, and maybe do what we also read in this Psalm;

Psa 55:5 Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me, And horror hath overwhelmed me.

Psa 55:6 And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! Then would I fly away, and be at rest.

Psa 55:7 Lo, then would I wander far off, I would lodge in the wilderness. Selah.

Psa 55:8 I would haste me to a shelter From the stormy wind and tempest.

Many have wanted to run away, go somewhere, anywhere and WHY? The same reason King David wanted to flee away from the stormy wind and tempest, a coming calamity, situation, event, a time, many are looking for the best place to set up a homestead, that is great, If I could I would, I am doing what I can in the desert, we all should do what we can, understand there is a shelter from storms under the lords wings, David is saying crying out, I want to leave this mess, go and hide till its all over. I read of many trying to do just that. What if the lord has put you in what would seem a bad place to be when the judgments fall. We are in the golden triangle of the So Cal, military industrial complex, not where I would choose, a barren place no trees, herbs, nothing, not where I would choose, we must all understand it is time NOW to go, stay, hide, whatever the lord is telling you.

I feel deeply some are told to move, even come to the desert mission, but have not the faith to do so. I feel the lord has spoken clearly to many about the details of what they are to do, but many have done nothing.

Look the military has drills, we need drills, dry runs, an action plan, this is a must. I have said this before, bury bibles I have, have you? Remember that urgent message audio sermon? Listen to it again all 100% prophetic free flow and in weeping it came forth.

It is normal to want to escape as David wanted, but he stayed and things worked out, he was given a victory over close enemy's, like friends, we read in this psalm we can not trust every one, even some so called friends.

Psa 55:12 For it was not an enemy that reproached me; Then I could have borne it: Neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me; Then I would have hid myself from him:

Psa 55:13 But it was thou, a man mine equal, My companion, and my familiar friend.

Psa 55:14 We took sweet counsel together; We walked in the house of God with the throng.

That hurts, that makes one want to just toss in the towel and head for the hills, with the wrong mentality as a Christian, 'Every man for himself', that is the way 90% of the population is looking at things to come. Preppers think I am all set I have all my toys. Reader you can have the most mighty compound in the Idaho Mountains, a great security set up, others, a community, but without Jesus as lord, all is in vain, you will die and be plundered.

Compassion during Judgment, love our enemies, it will take the supernatural to do so, and so we will see the supernatural, if we cry out sober in mind to pray, pray in the Spirit, be faithful and God fearing, many wounds from people, let downs, hurt, it is now time to rectify that and make things right for your own peace and also as Ezk.33 says, if we do not we will have blood on our hands.

So the message is Pray, crying out loud prayer. This month let it be holy to us, let this month be a personal renewal and re- commit our whole life to the lord, let us just give the lord everything and we will have peace, joy, power and a good night sleep.

I pray reader, you simply do what this word is saying, it is not hard, it is simple, trust, patience, faithfulness, all by prayer and study the word, I beg you reader to put Jesus back on the throne, your doubt cast him down, in a way, be filled with the Holy Spirit today and this month. Make a new solid commitment to make your life count for something for the glory of our soon coming King.