What Will NOT Happen In September 2015

Where do I start.

A while ago, on this site, the lord said, and it is mostly based on proper bible exposition, that the E. Coast would not have a great Tsunami. In that message I said a couple things 100% different than the masses of viral videos, websites. The word came forward and the lord did say, no L.A. EQ until or during the Judgments fall on America, not before. There would be no comet-asteroid, Plant X, E.L.E.in comet, said non event it was so, no planet X or end of world in 2012, 13, 14, 15, 16, etc. Bible prophecy time line, understanding bible prophecy is a must.

The lord has said more than a few times, stop looking at a war with Russia, the next war will be in the Asian Pacific area, and Middle East. The China war will maybe have all Brick-nations including Russia, not solely Russia.

Now viral the September 23 madness. The rapture is once again being dated, Sept 23, dear lord, not again. Sept 23 time frame, a meteor hits and E. Coast tsunami, false will not happen.
This was made viral long ago by a false Prophet named, Prophet Rev Efrain Rodriguez , was made viral via the Prophecy Club, the prophecy club is a government and satanic sy-op, I have look very close into that ministry, Stan Johnson is a high level lucifarin the show is like hearing some of the 100% false prophecy not even in the bible. I have honestly seen odd looking people that sounded like Rev Jim off the old T.V. Show Taxi.

I am not saying we will not see possible big events in September we will not see a 100% economic collapse in September 2015 soon, not Sept. No E.L.E. Event, yes September many are saying is end of Days, like 2012 Mayan Calendar. Planet X , many say it is still on its way, it is not, Planet X is a hoax.

The named false prophet said in 2014 this asteroid would hit , it did not, he also said, and this is wild, the lord will literally touch the earth with his feet. A great S. American USA East Coast tsunami would take place at 2 AM. This alone should tell you, that one little thing it is false. When does the lord touch the earth with his feet in the bible? The Second Coming, Jesus feet literally will hit the MT of olives, it is with such force the MT. Olives is split in two, and a escape route made for the chosen Jewish Remnant.

These events you will not see, also C.E.R.N. Is said to 100% open a portal for Demons, good lord, they do not need a portal, they are already in the unseen world they need no portal, thank you Steve Quayle for that one and his minions.

CERN, non event, Sept 23, non event. This is the word of the lord, you believe what you want to.

September will see events, maybe some big ones, but all these events in September, sorry the lord has said, NO, a NON-Event.
Fear mongering that is it, deception that is what always happens. I posted, many time anything goes massive viral on you tube and websites, it never happens, this will be another such event.
The judgments,a market collapse has already started, many things.

The Seven Year Tribulation will not start in 2015, this I know. A tribulation not THE great tribulation.

We were told 2015, Year of Chaos, Year of Change, war, viruses, economic trouble, big trouble.

We had, and still have, the massive bird flu , other odd bacteria growing in algae, West Coast killing sea life and birds. There are hard, hard times on us today and harder ones in 2015. The lord in Jan 2015 prophecy, stated many things that would happen, war, yes, economic downturn, yes, famine by no money and drought, Yes. Before May 1 a huge inland EQ, we had Nepal, that was a sign told before, not after, a sign of the lords trumpet blast of Judgment increasing in 2015.

The end of the free Internet as we know it 2015 gone, yes. Some sort of Fios, internet 3 will be around, if we have electricity. Big Brother has to be seen and heard to brain wash and scare the masses.

More and more will keep falling away, yes fact, birth pains and destruction of some nations 2015 yes. Martial law, 2015 a big wild card and a big maybe, isolated at first, and more dry runs as the stock market fell, and Jade Helm , all conditioning and dry runs. It is time for you to do the same, dry runs, have a plan, know where loved ones are, have a meeting place etc. Be clear minded and prudent full of faith not Fear. God has everything under control.

PS 91, I am still reading that often a good Ps. to commit to memory.

The False Prophet I spoke of will post video, listen close as many on YT did not get it , so I commented the first part note 2014 and 2 am and the lords feet touching the Earth.