A PTL Concerning The Needs -The Fund Raiser -Some Things Coming

 NOTE: One thing we must get a few of in-case we never reach the goal for lab stuff are urine test strips, everyone reading this should have at least one of these, it tells many, many things about a persons health like a blood panel almost as good as some blood lab work. If anyone can help with this, we must have a few of these.

UPDATE someone got three of these wow, do not know person thank you 

URS-10, URINE REAGENT STRIPS FOR URINALYSIS-Price:     $17.88 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35---------------NEED meet


This is a top item for off grid, wilderness survival and home medical help.

Deb Lesar From N.V. Once again is sending some things that are needs  for the mission. The items are as follows, I give items so you reader know what has been obtained, I pray the lord moves on others to help us, as said these are real needs and a real mission.  

I am not sure how much to make these items reflect on the thermometer gauge?  Not  Funds but needs matters not amen

She is sending some GSE- Grapefruit seed extract, but listen if that is what you can help with, we can never have to much GSE, it is a life saver and the best cleaner in the world. 

 misc pillowcases  can be used like sheets

big linen napkins   lots of them  can be used like sheets too I think

two stretch pull on knee braces

a back brace (I think it is a back brace) got it at the church yard sale  looks new

two each  100 ft para-cord (I have plenty)

Motorola two way radios  (I had them I am not gonna use them so........)

binoculars (I have three pairs  I get them at garage sales)

a canteen (I had a spare)

bottle of grapefruit seed extract (I already had)

some more magnesium pills (I already had)

some various  bars of soap and shampoo bar and conditioner bar (natural made soaps from va soap co   I have spares)

rinses off with less water

some seeds    tomato, peppers, milk thistle, lemon balm, peppermint, and some others    

Still praying for students for you for the other stuff or for others to to provide.

I ask you reader will you stand with us and help withthe medical needs, and things listed Please, as you can see DEB got things at yard sales, thhings she had, so it is not alwyas cash but maybe you have things you do not need.
This dear saint has sent lit thousands of dollars over the years she is not rich has a regular job. I pray the lord moves hearts today, for what I know will be the end game soon.