Congress(Classified) Vote To Defend Against(Classified) I Had To Post This

This is not a Christian post, It is old, I watch it from time to time, it makes me laugh so hard each time, but is very serious. If you have never seen this super short video watch it, listen to all the things the congress speaker is saying are classified and his reaction at the end is alarming, but as said, maybe I am just twisted. LOL. This gives me a huge laugh, I do not know why? I think it is meant to do that, but also to show all that was classified. Listen to the things said, and than classified, wow truly not funny. His reaction near the end is a classic. Happy Columbus day, posting it for that reason, how far we have fallen.

Uploaded on Jul 12, 2008

Rep. John Haller (R-PA) introduces a bill that will allocate (classified) dollars over the next (classified) years to fight flesh-eating(classified).