Dying Out Loud

Amo 5:13  Therefore he that is prudent shall keep silence in such a time; for it is an evil time.


Amos 5:13

Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time - The “time” may be either the time of the obduracy of the wicked, or that of the common punishment.

For a time may be called “evil,” whether evil is done, or is suffered in it, as Jacob says, “Few and evil have the days of the years of my life been” Gen_47:9. Of the first, he would perhaps say, that the oppressed poor would, if wise, be silent, not complaining or accusing, for, injustice having the mastery, complaint would only bring on them fresh sufferings.

 And again also he may mean that, on account of the incorrigibleness of the people, the wise and the prophets would be silent, because the more the people were rebuked, the more impatient and worse they became.

 So our Lord was silent before His judges, as had been foretold of Him, for since they would not hear, His speaking would only increase their condemnation. “If I tell you, ye will not believe; and if I also ask you, ye will not answer Me, nor let Me go” Luk_22:67-68. So God said by Solomon: “He that reproveth a scorner getteth himself shame, and he that rebuketh a wicked man getteth himself a blot” Pro_9:7. And our Lord bids, “Give not that which is holy unto dogs, and cast not your pearls before swine” Mat_7:6. They hated and rejected those who rebuked them. Mat_7:10. Since then rebuke profited not, the prophets should hold their peace. It is a fearful judgment, when God withholds His warnings. In times of punishment also the prudent keep silence. Intense affliction is “dumb and openeth not its month,” owning the hand of God. It may be too, that Amos, like Hosea Hos_4:4, Hos_4:17, expresses the uselessness of all reproof, in regard to the most of those whom be called to repentance, even while he continued earnestly to rebuke them.

Reader did you get that line? It is a fearful judgment, when God withholds His warnings.

This is not saying his ministers, watchmen, Christians are to be silent on the matter of sounding a holy alarm, but we do so and we see so few results. Isa said concerning no one listening, how long lord, how long must I go on, (Paraphrase) the lord said, until the cities are without inhabitants-This is not a contradiction in the bible, in context it is a word that we must understand so we do not lose heart.

Imagine if the lord stopped his warnings, it would be a fearful Judgment, a silent Judgment, no word, the lord not speaking, if Christians decided they have warned long enough, time to call it quiets stop all teaching, preaching, study, prayer, this is what the word has been of late the word apathy. This is what the devil does, he tries to wear out and weary the saints, as we read in Revelations. He is doing a good job. Most true bible believing Christians are in silence, it is not the, lord who has stopped warning, and the church has

In times of punishment, also the prudent keep silence. Intense affliction is “dumb and openeth not its month,” owning the hand of God.

The message is a simple one, when persecuted, when mankind laughs you to scorn as we see, hear daily on line, off-line, news, shows, on and on, the great set up has started, what could be next? God knows.

To be like Jesus, when we face the trial we should not say a word, but so many are dying out loud. Most do this to gain sympathy, that is ok if a hurting should is crying out we are to bear their burdens, but I speak of true Christians that are feed up, mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore, that is the carnal flesh, that is a loud protester we are to be different, separate. Others come to an alter, I have seen this man times, and they just cry out and they seem to be dying out loud, one eye partly open to see if they are finding a sympathetic ear.

If you have been persecuted and hated for your walk with Jesus happy, blessed are you, when all men speak all manner of evil against you, for great is your reward in heaven. This great reward works the same as the prayer closet, we are told not to make long, prayers in public like the false religious crowd, we are told go in the prayer closet, shut the door behind you, the lord who sees in secret will reward you openly, publically. We are told when we are fasting not to make it known to anyone by not grooming yourself, we are to wash up, put on our cloths and look normal, that is rewarded if we appear to be fasting and men see it we lose this blessing of grace.

In these two examples we see the message it is private, silent, and practice saying nothing. I am not saying we should not ask for prayer, I am not saying we are never to be seen weeping, we all need someone for this, and accountability especially ministers.

If we look to the lord and not man, we are starting the biblical way, in our prayer closet is where we get power and hear the small still voice, that is a good O.T. truth, the lord did not come in the earth quake, fire or tempest, but by a small still voice.

I hope you are understanding this word, I see it can be confusing, but it is simple, I find sometimes writing, and not preaching, is much harder to get the message across.

I a nut shell; let us examine why we may want to give up, why we are mad at so many people, why we are dead in spirit, and why we have so little joy, it is like a spoiled child that does not get that cookie before dinner, the parent knows it will affect the child's eating a proper meal. Our lord says NO, not now, not my will, can we handle that, and can we handle the lord’s answer of the big NO? We can if we die in him, Paul said, "I die daily", we must also, but this is a personal matter, as we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

We are to weep with those who weep, so if you’re weeping it has to be seen or how can I weep with you, suffer with you as we are all called to do, compassion that is our lord, love and compassion. Let us learn to be more like our lord, let us follow ion to know the lord, we can have emotions but never show these strong emotions to try and manipulate someone to do something for you that is not the spirit that is the flesh.

The most holy thing we can do at times is to say nothing. If men will not heed, keep at it, if your flesh is wining, kill it, it is simple and deep, I hope you are spoken to by this message, I know I was.