I Am Staring OCT 1 2015 With The Prophecy About No Events In September

Many will say, this or that happened, the point is, and the word was, there would be no Major event in September. No Comet hit and no East Coast Tsunami, no rapture, No Economic collapse, or WW3. That was the message, yes things did happen, but none that truly effected the US or the UK. Nations had economic trouble, that has been going on and will until the collapse. The lord said OCTOBER 1, 2015 we would now, from this time, start to see big things that will effect the West. I am not saying OCT will be the month we see big events, I am saying from OCT on, we will see things escalate, so do not say, I said OCT 1, 2015 is when anything will happen, nothing huge may happen in Oct , but we may see things, I was not given a specific word on that, like a Black Friday this OCT , things COULD start in OCT and they may not, no date setting, just the simple word the lord gave, no huge events in September, as all were saying esp. You tube, always YT.

There were many videos saying on the 23erd, others another date , but many, many, said the lord said, or I had a dream, a vision, that the Church would be Rapture-ed in September, well once again the rapture date setting was wrong, as well as no Comet, this was told by the lord and none of it took place.

I am starting Oct with the correct word, and all was , as the lord said it would be. In OCT, I am posting, preaching, videos, all the word, and nothing else. It will see few visits and I care not, I must do as the lord says, and nothing less, or more. October, warning , and feeding the Remnant bride.

The September Prophecy as posted

Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18 2015 Prophecy

Many have said this or that will happen in this month, I tell my people now, nothing will happen as many think, things will continue to get worse, but I am with you. I have sent you on a mission to expose darkness, tell others about salvation by faith, many will be looking to you, the same ones who spoke bad about you will soon come to you saying how must we be saved, you will tell them the truth of my word .

You will see that I the lord am speaking to my bride, my precious bride, the truth of things coming, have no fear in this month, now is time to pray, read the word, serve, and preparing in all ways, for a great storm is on the nation, it was the USA now it covers the whole world.

When you see no great event this month, be it known, as the last word was about a great EQ that would be my trumpet blast, it has been sounded, now things will escalate , but not in this month, let no man deceive you in anyway.

Shocking sights are just around the next bend in the calendar, around the next block.
It is a window of grace for my people, I have given warning, I have given you instruction,. I have given my word. The global Remnant know, and yet so many do not, more will in October, due to an event that is not all over the world in a viral lie. My beloved from today to Nov end, you have a window of opportunity do not let it pass, live not in regret , move ahead and obey my voice.

Between Septembers end to Decembers end all will be seen, known and in full action, so use this short time in wisdom. Understand you will continue to see more things all over, gay marriage, hate, race war, uprisings, in the U.K. The event in Germany was no more than a beta test, it will be much worse for ones in U.K. First and than all history will repeat, a nation falls, a way of life, Because my people have turned from me, in holy fire I will consume all you have, turn to me in repentance today, I am waiting to talk to you my beloved.
This is the word of the lord