Introduction From A Free Book I Wrote two Years Ago-A True End Time Church

 The Free E-Book was re-posted 9/2013

It is a strange thing, all my free e-books have had so few reads I have decided not to finish the last two, or two others I have half done. Most get 25 reads in a year, or two. The books are not edited, some are poor in grammar, I have long said God must have a sense of humor telling me what he wants me to do. Write books,. Messages to Students, be the Dean of a 100% Free Bible College, me, grammar? I have always needed a editor, in past ministries I always had a large amount of co-workers in laboring for the spread of the gospel. It has been over seven years and esp the last five years I have not had a large, or even small staff, I do in the bible college, not this site, or any other one.

That can not be the reason, as many that come to this site and the college are English as second language people, or must hit the translate, I assume that is why I do what I do and no longer worry. I have had one on one help in English it will not stick, now at 55 I am forgetting so that is what is. I was meditating on just that one line, maybe it is a good thing I am forgetting so many things, as most things I have faced these past several years are worth forgetting anyway. LOL.

I had all my books in word, and lost all of them when my 4th PC died, I lost so many writings, pitchers and things. I now backup all every day so I do not lose all my work and ministry stuff again. The books would have had a pro editor by now, but they are only in PDF, I used a converter, but the doc file came out in a way you could not do anything with it, strange why have a website that does this, and it will not work. It is getting late, I have a few Free e-books and one that is a large one, select messages from this site, the book I am posting on today has a few of those messages in it at the end as you can see in the table of content.

Now the introduction from the Free e-book , I pray more people read some of the books the lord gave me, I only wish he had also given me a scribe, LOL.


It has been a long time burden of mine to write a work concerning what a true end time ministry, and what a real N.T. Style church is. The modern church has fallen far from its roots and has suffered the outcome. Reader, we are in the last days of America, Judgment is on America, very soon, perhaps before this book ever gets posted an all out purging, and ethnic cleansing will have taken place, I speak of Christian Persecution. It is coming, it is already happening, esp. against home and micro churches. Non 501 C 3 ministries, you name it.

I have read it in head lines many times. I have seen this one world Church arise from the ashes like a new tower of Babel. History repeats itself. It may not be the end time in the prophetic countdown, meaning, we may not be entering the seven year tribulation, Yet. We are in the birth pains, not the tribulation, as many are teaching on the internet today. It could be we are going from the birth pains into the seven year tribulation sooner than I think, who knows? All I know is at this writing, we are in the birth pains, Judgment is on America and other countries, esp. England and America. ( The West )

Prophecy speaks of the last empire , and it is the kings of the East, China and Company. Russia and Co. The power historically shifts from East to West. The West has been a super power, before America for many years, the time frame, historically for an empires life span the end will be by 2015, did you know that, I am talking History, do there search.

America has turned its back on its Judea-Christian principles of its inception, there is a vile hate towards true, born again, bible believers. Many are going to be blind sided when they come to learn, right under Gun owners and constitutionalists on the hit list, is Born again, bible believing Christians. Judgment starts in the house of God, this has been on going, now it is spilling over to the nation, that once was the beacon of light , the gospel light to the world. The beacon light is out, God has been kicked out and thus we are under Judgment.

Part of a true end time Church, I repeat, I speak of the end times of a super power , this is certain. The darkness on the land and gross darkness on the people grows darker every day. The Christian is the light and salt of the earth. It will once again be hunted down like a wild animal. Think I am crazy, just watch, it breaks my heart. The home and micro- church movement is the fastest growing movement in N. America, Why? The church has become apostate, and many can not even find a true bible preaching, God fearing Church where they live. It is time to understand the lord is now, and going to, increase His holy Judgment on the nation.

The Christians, Ministries, Churches, must have a plan, one from the lord. This book will give you many things to think about, some things I have seen in my spirit, things the lord has told me by His still small voice, concerning, things to come. I hope this book gets out before it is to late. I am writing this book faster, and with more passion than all of my past e-books, I believe the time is that short.

Table Of Contents

Ch 1. What Is A True End Time Church

Ch 2. What Will It Look Like

Ch 3. Do You Want To Take The Road Less Traveled

Ch 4. The Natural And Supernatural

Ch 5. Restoring The Church Back To It's True N.T. Form

A couple messages from the main site.

1.The 7 Tree Prophecy

2.The coming Second Exodus Pt 1 and Pt 2

3.The Woodland Remnant

4. The parting Of the red sea Pt 1 and 2

A few that are in step with this book, note: not in the order listed.

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