Matthew 5 to 7 by Keith Daniel

I think I may have posted this sermon before, a classic, Keith Daniel's a very different preacher, reformed theology at its best, I have never heard anyone quote the whole sermon on the mountain in a powerful dramatic way and than preach on it. If we could all master the sermon on the mount and if we could all memorize it, the day is coming when we need to memorize large portions or at-least psalms a few, NT a few, as one day we will not have the banned book, the holy bible, let us feast on it while we have the freedom to do so.

This is a short sermon for this man of God, his sermons are 1.5 hours and longer love the great awakening preachers of today. 

Take the time to listen, watch this sermon and be ready to be spoken to. I will leave this up a couple days. When I pot a sermon, video, they always get very few listens, people are to busy, look, when you are not, maybe tonight, chose this sermon over your TV show or the news, it will change you and speak to you. For more sermons like this visit sermon index, or hit the top tab and a nice player drops down right in this site, check that out if you have not a great tool.