Not Everyone Hears The Same Thing-But We Should And We Can

Joh 12:28 Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.

Joh 12:29 The people therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it thundered: others said, An angel spake to him.

Joh 12:30 Jesus answered and said, This voice came not because of me, but for your sakes.

Jesus made it very clear the sound was a voice, not thunder, It was articulate, and spoke clearly as John by the spirit says.

It makes me think of a few things. Some people are like the man that needed a second touch, at first they see men walking as trees, it took a second touch, only time in bible this happened, Jesus did not heal completely first time, why? So, others see right away, someone hears things muffled, or similar to a noise, like thunder, others hear the words.

There is a deep insight in this. Do you hear the word of the lord, the small still voice, prophecy as a thunder, a noise, but not clear words? Do you hear and understand clearly, the small still voice. It matters what you believe.

If you think the lord no longer speaks today as he always has, you may not even hear a thunder, if you think the lord is a good man, a prophet, but nothing more, you may hear a strange sound. If you hear the lords voice as a angel, you may be in to Christian Mystical things, thinking its always an Angel, and not the Holy Spirit. If you hear clearly, understand quickly. You may be right on track.

JFB says:

The people therefore that stood by, said, It thundered; others, An angel spake to him — some hearing only a sound, others an articulate, but to them unintelligible voice.

Same as what the lord spike to my heart, just looked that up PTL. True and I will add, if you are not one in Christ as Jn 17, The lords prayer, says we are one in Christ... You will hear something that is unintelligible. The lord wants us to hear clearly, but first we must draw nearly to hear the voice as it is spoke. Reading the bible with scales off your eyes, as the God of this world, blinds the eyes, minds of those that do not believe.


John 12:29
The multitude who stood and heard - A sound, but not the distinct words - In the most glorious revelations there may remain something obscure, to exercise our faith. Said, It thundered - Thunder did frequently attend a voice from heaven. Perhaps it did so now.

True , it could have been a voice and a thunder , but the point is, ....A sound, but not the distinct words - In the most glorious revelations there may remain something obscure, to exercise our faith. Said, It thundered.

So what obscures your hearing, do you have faith? do you have trust? do you even believe the lord still speaks outside of, but not contrary to his word? Are you a seeker, are you backslidden.

Draw near to the lord, and he will draw near to you. He will reveal his secrets to those that are close enough to hear his holy whisper, the small still voice, and illumination of the word. Are you to far away to hear?
Think on this