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May this short clip speak to hearts and open eyes.


  1. I don't know if you are aware of this, but on the new Jason a youtube video it shows a giant Lord Ganesh statute falling on a group of worshippers in India. I thought of the word the Lord gave you about idols falling. This happened on October 22 2015. Originally posted on Ninemsn,com Just an FYI. God Bless

  2. Yes thank you , when I watched Jason A's Video as I do all of them, I notice he and others do not do a lot of research first. Example-I thought it was the part of the prophecy and I did not know about it , I was almost going to post it on this site, I looked for video clippings on YT about this, A little research, a couple clicks, I found from a 20 sec clip it happened in September . someone posted it much later he did not look into that. -The footage, uploaded to YouTube by Madz Papa on September 28, was taken at a religious festival called Immersion day, where Hindu idols are submerged in water.

    Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka Chaturthi, Gaṇēśa Caturthī or Vināyaka Chavithi or Vināyaka Caviti) is the Hindu festival celebrated in honour of the elephant-headed god, Ganesha. Celebrations are traditionally held on the fourth day of the first fortnight (Shukla Chaturthi) in the month of Bhaadrapada in the Hindu calendar, usually August or September in the Gregorian calendar. The festival generally lasts ten days, ending on the fourteenth day of the fortnight (Anant Chaturdashi).-

    just a little fast investigation.

    Example 2-I commented on this one Daboo7, he was talking of a million man march for freedom and He kept saying he was getting word tens of thousands were already in DC, the pic he kept showing was the poster for the event and it was a pic form the 60's, I pointed out the old sound system and cloths . a handful showed up, it is these things, a lack of investigative journalism that

    I have begged on line and in YT vids to others follow the lead, do the research something I used to do, Christian investigative Journalism. YT has very little investigative anything, and one says this happens it goes viral, this is lazy and makes us look like fools that do the same stuff but, thank you so much for your comment

  3. I have spent a few hours trying to find the exact date when the prophecy was given, I have looked and looked I know it is posted within a message I do not see it, I did not about the India Idol fall until just the others day, I thought it is happening as the lord said, I ave spoken on things like this since Nepal, but the exact place I do not see, so I assume it may be in te proper time line. I could post it If I only had the link, do you anyone so we can see if this was part of Idols and pagan gods falling? any help, anyone know what and where, when it was posted. A new vid about NY empire state building I alluded to the recent prophecy of fallen gods so I thought It would be in that month or month before, I do not know, but It happened and will continue to happen.


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