Huge PTL Amazing

The lord has now meet every need we had, aside from some boots after that 100% all things were given, Deb Lesar sent boxes of things needed tools, things tape surgical, on and on and on. Sue Miller helped thank you sue, and thank you Deb lesar our biggest help and supporter used 100% by the lord, please I ask all to pray hard for Deb Lesar, pray the lord touches her deep and all she gave would come back to her,. Please pray for her special blessing OK.

My two watch women on the wall Deb and Sue oldest followers, not in age, oops sorry ladies LOL. meaning ones that have been around a long time and know all about this ministry, words given things that came to pass. Adel? I think is another?

I send my thanks and holiday wish to all, lord bless you and keep you, may his countenance rise upon you this day.
From the Abaldo Family