Mutual Assistance Groups - M.A.G.s - Friends for TEOTWAWKI!

Published on Sep 12, 2015

I was asked what do the initials mean, TEOTWAWKI, it simply means, The End Of The World As We Know It.

The preparedness community knows that a mutual assistance group is the best way to go into TEOTWAWKI. However, how do preppers purposefully find others to join the group? This video gives ideas for Christians and also for others who want to move forward with setting up a MAG.

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How to Find a Prepper Group Near You and Precautions that You Need to Take While You Meet! 

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I want to add:

What the man is saying is true, main thing is most are afraid to join a group, power in numbers, it is big problem, 10 years trying to hook up with others it never worked, may it work to day, look at the links and the video soundness and from a Church prepper site a rare thing,

I said so many times, doors were open, think of coming not one person to date. I was looking at,the free books down to almost no reads, I just posted 5 Students PHD's from the Free College in free books link, see what my students have grown into, I am proud of them. 

The lord speaks daily come together, I said, how lord it is up to you to move hearts move hearts to give to this end day mission, so many things are still needed, one Person, please, if the lord is speaking to your heart and you like and agree with this site , come often please, a donation of any amount will help, I need you today to take action, also I need others I cannot do all of it by myself I nerd others,

Take the leap of fit and contact me and let us talk that is point one, or cal. OK.