My 31 Year Old Daughter And My Wife Saw The Blue Ring And Something Flying Mojave Desert Yermo Ca

I do not believe in UFO's a demonic false alien yes, now last night early my Daughter and wife were crossing the 1-15 over pass to go to the store in Yermo Ca.
They saw this bright blue light and something flying, it also lasted almost 20 min. and they say another thing fly through the blue circle.

It was directly over head. I wish I could have seen it, I have been looking 5 plus years for military, false alien ships, anything, I have seen nothing, man I wanted to see this, they were very freaked out.

I looked on You Tube and the story is, it was a rocket test from the ocean, many people in L.A. and other places saw it flying from the ocean, the odd thing is this, this object was flying towards L.A. and not Nevada, so different thing wrong direction.

Just had to give our eyes in the sky witness by my own family, something is up, a one week diverted flight pattern is giving to L.A,. X all week due to militarily tests, so I will be looking up all week . LOL.

It was spectacular they said a perfect blue circle something flying very low and not high in the sky we are at 2,000 ft elevation, much higher than the coast, wrong direction, similar to whats out, but very different.

Also , as I was looking up the date and a UFO sighting, I saw that the same night good ole nutty  
Coast to Coast oddly the broadcast, same night was about a couple that were so called abducted by a large group of aliens in the Mojave desert, is this the start of a mind game, people are ripe for this, project blue beam? who knows, but same night as the sighting, Coast to Coast had this story, interesting, connect the dots. The mind games and pure evil never stops one day a false Jesus will be seen, or alien ships etc. This is my personal belief, and it may well be demonic things posing as aliens.