Prophecy in The News- And Words Coming To Pass

Almost 1.7mn Crimeans on emergency electricity supplies, no power coming from Ukraine-A Look At A Black Out Situation That Could Happen In The USA.

This could happen anytime in the USA, the talking heads, it is the only ting they spin, plus now the Paris deal on the 13th.This event in Paris will have deeper implications than many may think, it will cause more martial law in the EU until someones blows up lit or fig. Real or false flag, this is the stuff Wars are made of and a lose of freedom in our Orwellian society.

Martial law is in a few countries now Crimnea, if you do not know about that situation it is , has been a proxy war USA-NATO and Russia, we have been trying to get our foot in the area, this was a target an attack this was planned, you can tell by how it happened and where, it was a pro job not a pipe bomb. NATO-the West will stop at nothing now. All eyes on Paris and this happens.

Crimea without power from Ukraine after electricity pylons 'blown up'

An emergency situation in Crimea caused by a cut in electricity from Ukraine is ongoing, and might be of a “longstanding effect,” Russia’s Emergency Ministry said on Sunday. Electricity in the region is being provided via alternative power sources.

READ MORE: State of emergency, blackout in Russia’s Crimea after transmission towers in Ukraine blown up
Some 1.67 million people in the area, including almost 1.39 million in Russia’s Republic of Crimea and around 280,000 in the city of Sevastopol have been cut off from power supplies since Sunday evening, along with some 300 public infrastructure buildings, including schools and kindergartens, Russia’s Energy Ministry said.
Electricity is being generated by local power plants, as well as back-up power sources, including solar energy plants and wind farms, the Ministry said. Some 3,000 people are working on alleviating the situation, with about 1,000 units of special equipment involved, deputy head of Russia’s Emergency Ministry Aleksandr Chupriyanov said on Sunday.
“The situation in Crimea and in Sevastopol is under control,” the official said.

Meanwhile, to reduce electricity consumption, Sergey Aksenov, the head of the region, has announced that Monday, November 23, will be a day off. Luckily enough, the weather in the Crimean peninsula is going to remain relatively warm for the next week, with temperatures rising to 18 degrees Celsius (64 Fahrenheit). 
Up to 500 socially significant facilities throughout Crimea, such as hospitals, maternity homes, schools, and kindergartens, have been left without electricity, but have been connected to reserve power stations and generators where possible, Crimean authorities reported. More power generators and fuel are likely to be supplied to Crimea early next week to help with the situation.
Russia’s Crimean peninsula was forced to switch to autonomous reserve power after transmission towers in the adjacent Ukrainian Kherson region were blown up, causing a blackout. Four main transmission lines were cut off in an apparent act of sabotage late on Saturday. Photos of severed towers with a Crimean-Tatar flag hanging on one of them have been posted online.

Crimea’s chief prosecutor, Natalia Poklonskaya, said that a special meeting of law enforcement and Federal Security Service (FSB) has been scheduled, where options for taking legal action against the organizers of the blockade will be discussed. The Crimean Prosecutor’s Office has asked the FSB to initiate a criminal case over the suspected demolition of the transmission towers which supported the power lines. The case could be regarded as sabotage, which is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment.

The acthas created a threat to lives and well-being of some two million people of various nationalities,” Poklonskaya told Interfax.

Earlier on Sunday, an expert board for the region’s head suggested that the destruction of the power line in the Kherson region “should be qualified as an act of terror.”“Kiev authorities must admit that a terrorist group, including Right Sector members, is acting on the Ukrainian territory,” the board said in a statement.

Members of the neo-Nazi Right Sector movement and Crimean Tatar “activists” in the Kherson region have been reportedly blocking repair work at four sites, thwarting promises made by the Ukrainian Energy Ministry to repair the destroyed transmission towers and power lines within days.

Note; this is another psy -op from the West the neo- Nazi , like ISIS , same thing, created as a tool of destruction, this problem could cause all out riots,and war in the area.

All preliminary work has been completed, but “people there [at accident sites] do not allow the recovery works to begin,” Deputy General Director of Ukraine’s Ukrenergo power generating monopoly, Yury Kasich, announced at a media briefing on Sunday. Kasich estimated that one line “could be repaired in one day,” whereas repairs of the other three will take three to four days.

Next up from our friends at the CDC LOL. A list of what they say will be global health problems. The fact is it is a truth, many infections, bacterium are antibiotic resistant, I wrote about this on the Heb teaching blog and what to have on hand and take. Read the book, “Herbal Antibiotics” the new one “Herbal Antivirals”. I have posted a while now about this, on this site and the herb blog its all on the herb blog what to do, take etc. It is all herbs .

God is already judging not only the places called to Judgment but the rod of the West WHY?The rod of the west is not the big Rod it is the coming Kings of the East as prophecy tells us. A nation under judgment in the O.T. Always the rich, government officials, kings were take as well and many killed, many of such ones today will soon see their bunkers will become their tombs. as we are told many things would break out all over, keeping the Western Powers confused and running all over, and this would be good for many people so they will be put on hold, this was a specific word the lord gave on this site, and it happened in history in the N.T. When Paul came and ministered, got saved the bible says and the church had rest for a time, the scholars say, it was not Paul's conversion, he was one man, but an internal situation broke out when The Romans tried, and did, do pagan sacrifices, this caused political chaos and finally the end of Roman occupation, this is what gave the church rest for a while, these type of things are how the remnant will be given rest and a time to take a breather. This is prophetic,

CDC releases combined summary of notifiable infectious, noninfectious diseases

Beginning with the Oct. 23, 2015, Supplements to Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), CDC will publish the summaries of all notifiable conditions – infectious and noninfectious – at the same time. Together, these two reports provide official statistics for all nationally notifiable conditions in the same MMWR volume.
Notifiable diseases and conditions are those for which regular, frequent, and timely information is necessary for prevention and control. Monitoring this data gives CDC and other public health authorities the ability to detect and respond to sudden changes in the occurrence and distribution of health threats. State and local health departments voluntarily submit the data to CDC.
Tracking and responding to infectious and noninfectious diseases is a major part of CDC’s mission to protect America’s health,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H. “These annual summaries let us take the nation’s pulse and see where we are succeeding and what we need to do better.”
The reports being released are the Summary of Notifiable Infectious Diseases and Conditions — United States, 2013, and the Summary of Notifiable Noninfectious Conditions and Disease Outbreaks — United States. Together, the reports are referred to as the Summary (Infectious and Noninfectious). The reports were prepared by CDC in collaboration with the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE).
The Summary (Infectious) summarizes data on dozens of nationally notifiable diseases and conditions in the United States.  Highlights include:
  • West Nile virus (WNV) — In 2013, 47 states and the District of Columbia reported 2,469 cases of WNV disease – including 1,267 cases of WNV meningitis, encephalitis, and acute flaccid paralysis. There were 119 deaths. WNV disease incidence was similar to that during 2004-2007 but was higher than during 2008-2011.
  • Chlamydia — In 2013, about 1.4 million cases of this sexually transmitted disease were reported – decrease of 1.5 percent from 4.46.6 to 453.3 cases per 100,000 population. This is the first time since national chlamydia reporting began that the overall rate declined – largely due to decreases among women. It is not clear whether the decrease is due to fewer chlamydia infections or to a drop in chlamydia screening.
  • Valley fever (coccidioidomycosis) —This fungal infection caused by inhalation of spores present in the dry soil of the southwestern U.S. and California was recently detected in Washington State, far outside its usual range. The 9,438 reported cases in 2013 are a 47 percent decrease from 2012. Cases decreased by 55 percent in Arizona, which reports the most cases of any state, and by 27 percent in California. Despite the decrease, valley fever remains a major source of illness in affected areas.
  • Cyclosporiasis — This intestinal illness is caused by a microscopic parasite lurking in contaminated food and water. In 2013, the largest number of outbreak-associated cases of cyclosporiasis – 784 -- was reported to CDC since 1997. At least two outbreaks were linked to fresh produce imported from Mexico (bagged salad mix and cilantro). But the vehicle of infection for more than two thirds of reported cases could not be determined. CDC is working to develop advanced molecular detection methods to link cases to specific sources of infection.
  • Dengue — Spread by mosquitoes, dengue is a potentially serious viral infection. In 2013, dengue outbreaks occurred in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico. Epidemics in the Caribbean and in Central and South America resulted in 794 travel-associated cases – more than in previous years.
  • Gonorrhea — U.S. cases of this sexually transmitted bacterial infection increased 8.8 percent from 2009 to 2012, but decreased slightly (by 0.6 percent) in 2013 to 106.1 cases per 100,000 population. Nationwide, the gonorrhea rate increased 4.3 percent among men and decreased 5.1 percent among women. Treatment for gonorrhea is complicated by the bacteria’s growing resistance to antibiotics.
  • Influenza-associated pediatric deaths — From Dec. 30, 2012, to Dec. 28, 2013, CDC received reports of 161 deaths among people under the age 18 years – a more than three-fold increase compared with 2012, and a two-fold decrease compared with the pandemic year 2009. There were 69 pediatric deaths from seasonal influenza per calendar year during 2005-2012 and 358 pediatric deaths reported during the 2009-2010 flu pandemic.
  • Measles — There were 10 measles outbreaks in 2013, accounting for three-fourths of reported cases. The three largest outbreaks accounted for more than half of cases. In each outbreak, measles spread after a U.S. resident who caught measles abroad introduced the extremely contagious viral infection into communities with pockets of people unvaccinated because of philosophical or religious beliefs.
  • Meningococcal Disease In 2013, U.S. rates of meningococcal disease continued to be at historic lows. However, there were serogroup B outbreaks at two universities – one in California and one in New Jersey – resulting in 13 cases and one death.
  • Novel flu viruses   In 2013, there were 21 cases of human infection with variant flu viruses in the U.S. – all associated with direct or indirect contact with swine. There were no human-to-human transmissions. Any public health laboratory that receives a suspicious specimen of flu virus – one that cannot be subtyped using standard methods -- immediately submits that specimen to CDC for further testing.
  • Whooping cough (pertussis) Reported pertussis cases decreased from 2012 to 2013. However, cases continue to exceed those reported during the 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Salmonellosis   Salmonella causes an estimated 1.2 million illnesses per year in the U.S. The largest multistate outbreak in 2013 was traced to contaminated chicken. Other notable outbreaks were linked to live poultry, tahini sesame paste, cucumbers, and small pet turtles.
  • Hepatitis C (HCV)  After receiving reports of about 800 to 1,000 cases of acute HCV infection per year from 2006-2010, there was an increase of 73.9 percent to 2,138 cases in 2013. Investigations show a marked increase in the number of acute cases of HCV among young, nonminority people who inject drugs, many of whom also abuse oral prescription opioid drugs.
The Summary (Noninfectious) summarizes data that has been added to the list of nationally notifiable conditions in the United States. Highlights in the 2015 report include:
  • Acute occupational pesticide-related illness and injury. During 2007–2010, a total of 2,014 cases were identified in the 11 states [California, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico (2007–2008 only), New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington] reporting this data to the CDC’s Sentinel Event Notification System for Occupational Risks (SENSOR). Rates of illness and injury among agricultural industry workers (18.4/100,000) were 37 times greater than the rates for nonagricultural workers (0.5/100,000). Rates were highest in Washington.
  • Elevated blood lead levels (BLLs) in adults. In U.S. adults, most lead exposures are occupational. In 2012, the vast majority of elevated BLLs were in men. The overall prevalence of elevated BLLs declined from 2010 to 2012.
  • Childhood blood lead levels (BLLs). Permanent neurological damage and behavioral disorders in children have been linked to lead exposures at 5 μg/dL. The most common source of exposure in children is lead paint, which is easily inhaled or ingested by children when lead-based paint deteriorates into flakes, chips, or dust. In 2007, 38 states and New York City reported childhood BLL data to CDC; by 2012 that number was reduced to 29 states and New York City. Among states reporting this data for the entire period 2007-2012, the number of children with confirmed BLLs at or above 10 μg/dL declined. A summary of childhood lead exposure in 2013, the most recent year for which data are available, is available at
  • Foodborne disease outbreaks.  During 1973-2012, CDC received reports of 29,429 foodborne disease outbreaks with 729,020 confirmed illnesses. An average of 736 outbreaks were reported each year.  A summary of foodborne disease outbreaks in 2013, the most recent year for which data are available, is available at
  • Waterborne disease outbreaks.  During 1971-2012, CDC received reports of 1,901 waterborne disease outbreaks with 639,949 associated illnesses. An average of 45 waterborne outbreaks are reported each year. CDC publishes detailed summaries of waterborne disease outbreaks – including those associated with recreational water and those associated with drinking water – at
The MMWR Summaries of Nationally Notifiable Diseases is available at
The Official List of NNCs is available at:

WARNING: Something Is About To Happen... (2015-2016 UPDATE)

-Jason A Video

Note: in this video a plant a Hal Burton plant, This is the USA military industrial complex brought down by weather, God is in control. This also points to the lord, and act of God taking out a major axis of evil, they are the ones that Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld made billions and still do, off of war, they are also the ones building FEMA camps. Long ago I had a vision it was a FEMA camp and a large earth quake hit and set many prisoners free, the lord said in certain places these camps will be destroyer and many life's saved, many Christians will be in them, Peter was let out of Jail by an Angel, not escapism theology, just a NT fact, in some places, for maybe just a few in them, the lord will take down the operation, it will not be an easy thing that TPTB are doing, God will only allow certain things, but also he will cause fear and confusion on TPTB while they do their plans, the lord will show he alone is the one true God.

Giant Lord ganesh idol falls on a crowd in INDIA

Published on Oct 22, 2015
Giant Hindu lord Ganesh(an elephant-headed Hindu god) statue collapses on a crowd of worshippers in India - This terrifying Footage Shows a HUGE GANESH idol falls onto crowd in INDIA(Raw)

The Ganesh statue fell on worshippers during Immersion Day festival

The Ganesh statue crashed on several revellers but it is not clear if anyone was injured

A giant idol of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesh has collapsed on a crowd of worshippers in India. The structure begins to move and fall sideways, collapsing onto the ground as people scream.

Video footage of the event captured festive instrumental music playing in the background as revellers gathered before the massive statue.

As the idol begins to tilt forward, the crowd stares in a split second of silence before screaming in unison.

Giant 30-foot Ganesh statue collapses into crowd on Ganesh Chaturthi. The video was uploaded by Madz Papa on YouTube on September 28.

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I have spent many hours looking for the exact Prophecy given about Idols would fall like Nepal, I can not find it , I did find in a video about the abomination that took place when in NYC the empire state building was made to look like the god of death, war etc. an India deity ,this was only found out by a person who commented in comments section, must be a regular, said this is what you were saying it is happened? I said not sure of date, regardless before or close enough the prophecy said one would fall and than another and another in succession.

The post was,

Did the Sign of the Third Abomination Appear in America? Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Isaid first the following words;
Note; the reason this stood out to me strong is a recent prophecy the lord gave that we will see idols, pagan gods, temples etc. destroyed by God as in Nepal, it would very soon and it would be another one , followed by another, as the lord makes known he alone is the true God. This is amazing the short 5 min video of this false god on the Empire State Building, it was the largest false god, ever seen, man made, and they said the god of darkness, death is ruling over us? Look for an idol, temple of this false idol to be one of the first to soon be destroyed by God, maybe, we will see.

The comment said Under this post-HTTP://

I don't know if you are aware of this, but on the new Jason a youtube video it shows a giant Lord Ganesh statute falling on a group of worshippers in India. I thought of the word the Lord gave you about idols falling. This happened on October 22 2015. Originally posted on Ninemsn,com Just an FYI. God Bless

I said-Yes thank you , when I watched Jason A's Video as I do all of them, I notice he and others do not do a lot of research first. Example-I thought it was the part of the prophecy and I did not know about it , I was almost going to post it on this site, I looked for video clippings on YT about this, A little research, a couple clicks, I found from a 20 sec clip it happened in September . someone posted it much later he did not look into that. -The footage, uploaded to YouTube by Madz Papa on September 28, was taken at a religious festival called Immersion day, where Hindu idols are submerged in water

just a little fast investigation.

Example 2-I commented on this one Daboo7, he was talking of a million man march for freedom and He kept saying he was getting word tens of thousands were already in DC, the pic he kept showing was the poster for the event and it was a pic form the 60's, I pointed out the old sound system and cloths . a handful showed up, it is these things, a lack of investigative journalism that

I have begged on line and in YT vids to others follow the lead, do the research something I used to do, Christian investigative Journalism. YT has very little investigative anything, and one says this happens it goes viral, this is lazy and makes us look like fools that do the same stuff but, thank you so much for your comment

These are things the lord said, after OCT, after OCT all kicks in to high gear and it all starts to fall apart, well...I would say the lord was faithful in his warning and more to come that was foretold w see daily now, the lord Jesus be lifted up. If you do not know Jesus as your lord and Savior I ask reader, would you like to come to Jesus, email, call, we can pray.
I pray all these foretold events will lead people to Jesus, a word means nothing if it has no effect,even a so called negative one, it must be to point all to Jesus not self, that is what false prophets do, prophecy for gold,silver, wine, strong drink, it is the way it is today. Many brag the lord said , I said, I was right, all this is biblical insanity, we stand in awe and reverence of our holy lord, anything that does not bring him glory must be cut off, anything.

In the N.T. The main reason for miracles, signs , wonders were to prove Jesus did raised from the dead and salvation is in no other name. The gifts are what count for giving our life the edge, the power, and holiness, fruit is what we will be judged on and crowned for, not gifts, but fruit. I hope reader you understand this, the sovereignty of God, the lord mighty in battle has pulled out his sword of Judgment, yet many walk on, right over a cliff and will spend an eternity in Hell, the lord loves you, you are created in his image, he wants you to come to him, he is calling his bride that is cold hearted, in love of self and not the lord, distracted by unholy things, come back to him today he has a robe and a ring just for you.