Prophecy The Inner Telescope From 2011-And A Prophecy This Day Nov 1 2015

Before this old prophecy, set to music I composed in 2011, I want to give a word. I was given this word while I was emailing Deb Lesar.

The lord says,"As you saw the destruction of Idols and Temples in the Nepal Earth quake, you will see my power as I bring down yet another idol, image, shrine, temple,  You will see the destruction of an idol by what men would call and act of God, I will destroyed these idol's, and after that you will see another pagan deity fall, and than another, as I make myself known. This will happen very, very soon, I the lord tell you before hand so mankind will see I am the only God of Gods and there is no other, I am the great I am, Jehovah God, I am the only true lord of lords, yet men will increase in hate towards me and my people, persecutions will become stronger on American soil, very, very quick.
This is the word of the lord. 

Now the Prophecy video-The inner telescope, may it speak to hearts today, it is high time, today is the day of salvation, repent and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and king today. It is getting late reader how long will you reject the lord and his power? The day is on you now, a decision must be made, a line in the sand is drawn what side will you choose? 

 Published on Sep 22, 2011