THAT’S ALL FOLKS” (OR IS THAT ALL THERE IS?) -By Sue Miller-Guest Writer

The other evening, I decided to take a break from my Thanksgiving preparation and let my brain explore the wonderful world of one of the popular social media sites. Low and behold, someone posted a very interesting article on Mel Blanc who did the voices of many cartoon characters such as, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, etc… .  One of his most memorable quotes was, “That’s All Folks”. In fact, Mr. Blanc had this epitaph place on his gravestone. I find it interesting that a man whose last name was “Blanc” had such a fitting epitaph. For a man who had such an extensive and memorable career, did he believe “that’s all there is” when you leave this earth?

When I think of the word blank, I think of emptiness or nothingness. In the biblical Hebrew we find the phrase, tohu wa-bahu, that describes the condition of the earth before Adonai said, “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3). So, when we leave this earth, do we go back to this nothingness? There are some folks out there that actually believe that there is no heaven or hell. When you die, it’s “poof” you go back to nothingness. My own Jewish mother and other family members have this belief.

As a Jewish believer in Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, I certainly know that this belief is not true. It is another lie of the enemy that puts my unsaved loved ones and other lost sheep in bondage. Our deaths are not the end, and it is not a time for “resting in peace” The enemy deceives us and makes us think that our accomplishments in life and good deeds define us. Most folks are either afraid of death and don’t consider the truth about eternal life, or they, like my mother, are at peace with nothingness. Or, is it truly a fear of the unknown?
We are truly living in times of uncertainty. People have a reason to be afraid of the unknown. There isn’t a lot of hope out there. But folks, there is a hope and he made his message clear 2000 years ago, that’s when the clock of the end days starting ticking. Yeshua, the son of God, laid down his life for the forgiveness of our sins that we might be reconciled to God. The only way our sins will be forgiven is through faith and trust in Him. It’s the choice between Heaven and Hell. He is our one and only hope.  

Again, we have a minuscule window of time before all hell breaks loose on this planet. I know that if I die tomorrow, I have my eternal life insurance policy. Yeshua is that insurance policy. He paid it once and for all. He is our only hope. I can’t make that choice for you. Pray and ask Him. You might just get that answer that you are looking for.

In closing, I just want to say, “That’s all for now, folks” or is it?