Dan Reporting from San Bernardino County-Active shooter, reports of multiple victims in San Bernardino, Calif.-Breaking What It Will Mean

Last Friday and Sat a prophetic red flag given. The Paris shooting happened on the 13th. Now we have this going on right now, why does it all mean, what will this cause, well..problem, reaction, solution, gun control heavy debate in Ca ST to start with. LA X Shooting a while back, crises actors were found out and it was a hoax proven. This is going on right now, and hello gun control law in CA ST need a Lic for a B.B. Gun ..almost. I do not have a gun, but this will be pined on home grown terrorism and the Government will not let any good crises go to waist unless TPTB are later found out to have staged a false flag, we will see. This will be huge news, it will be in all day, it will be full of spin, and telling events concerning the shooter, and armed to the teeth watch. good bye guns in ca st, soon all the USA the shooter ((S)

I know this will be proven out to be a false flag.
Police were using a robot to search the building for possible explosives, even as they sought the gunmen. It was not clear if any or all of the suspects had escaped, but police were seeking a black SUV. Sources told Fox authorities know the identity of at least one of the gunmen.

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Witnesses described passing bodies on the ground as they fled, but it was not clear if, or how many, people were killed.

The initial call came in around 11 a.m. in the 1300 block of South Waterman Avenue, at the Inland Regional Center, according to San Bernardino police Lt. Rich Lawhead. A makeshift triage center was set up outside the facility. A local NBC videographer reported there were not enough ambulances to transport victims, and that people were using pickup trucks to carry victims to triage areas.

The San Bernardino Sheriff's Office closed off local streets and emergency responders were making their way into a cluster of buildings on the scene.

A witness told Fox News that gunmen wearing masks and body armor entered the building and started shooting. Another area resident said a woman trapped inside called her father and asked him to "pray for us."

FYI there is also a body armor bill trying to pass in Ca has in other states no body armor this fits into two scenarios and both will be pined on a patsy and will pass these bills as Of ASAP.

12-2-15 simple math, nothing mystical it is an 11, yes like the 11th district where the Paris shooting happened, in 6 locations on the 13th, once you know their numbers you know when it is a red alert day or not, evil sticks to the same number system even after 9-11 it's always the signature of the smoking gun.



  1. Sounds like another false flag to me!

  2. 100% correct but..you , others heard it first on TMM LOL

  3. You can see the developments, The Prez right after it said in his own words Guns got to go. Ca St I heard is the hardest place, more hassles to get a gun to start with, this is the nail on the coffin for Ca St And Semi automatic and basic bullet proof vest. We have the whole Armour of Gd, so when body Armour is made a crime, we as Christians will be guilty. Think on that readers,


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