Dr. TAYALI MWENDALUBI -Marriage And A Need He Has -Please Read And Help

 UPDATE DEC 18-2015- I gave it a try, as with ALL requests, no one gives to any cause, aside from Deb, this saddens my soul it was for a dear saint in Africa.

Dr. TAYALI MWENDALUBI   WINNERS CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL,KABWE BROKEN HILL MINE AREA P.O.BOX 80526,ZAMBIA. PHD in Christian Education, Long time board member. Just married and wants to start ministry a college and a ministry he needs this very badly, the cost to ship is around 50.00 only way, so this is a request not for us but a dear saint of the lord in a very hard place. A couple pics he just sent of his wedding. Pray fro his marriage , finances and most of all ministry. 

He must have a PC tablet with keyboard wal- mart has an RCA one, under 50.00 will give the link, if you have never given to this ministry for whatever reason, I ask you would you give to this cause, please help this brother with this must have need.
DR Dan