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I see Fish antibiotics on so many survival prepper sites , many books, speak of getting fish antibiotics. It is not fish mox that is the problem it is antibiotics.

I have wrote many times to get the book, herbal antibiotics and the new one-herbal antivirals. These books opened my eyes a few years back, well the antibiotic book , and wow.
The fact many bacterium are antibiotic resistant is a huge problem, the medical field has been trying for years to come up with a new antibiotic that have not and can not.

You must learn , if you can to make slide of blood to check if it is gram positive or gram negative and from there you give the proper herbal antibiotic.

The problem is this, antibiotics , like fish mox has one single compound, herbs have 300 plus and thus the bug is confused and is not resistant against the hundreds of herbal compounds.

A book I was given a few years ago, doom and bloom by an MD and his wife a Nurse, push fix mox big time, take that and you will don't bloom you will doom. I wrote the MD and posted comments, and he never got with me, I have been teaching this a long time and so many do not know. The price of Fish Antibiotics is not cheap, and you need different types, so they say.

GSE Grapefruit seed extract, I also spoke of many, many times, it is far cheaper and I have seen in my own family, loved ones and my free practice, this single antibiotic alone cure any type of bacterial infection, any, 100% all , it is amazing.

Have Chinese Scullcap it can kill influenza, H1N1, swine flue almost any known thing, but Ebola. You can grow this plant almost anywhere and it takes a min of 2 years before you can harvest it and 3-4 is best, so 3 years it will work, it should be planted now, and it will be around, get some now while you can and make a tincture this is a life saving herb as is GSE.

Please read these books , read the herbal antibiotic book and see for yourself, it is not by just an herbalist a well qualified person.

Horizon herbs is the seed vendor for almost everyone and these people know what they are doing, he is a master his words about this herb-Baical Skullcap -Scutellaria baicalensis
I have given this information before as well it says the link is,

Baical Skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis )
(Skullcap, Baical) (Huang-qin)
Herbaceous perennial. Native to the shores of Lake Baikal, Mongolia, Siberia, and the Chihli and Shantung provinces of China. The purple flowers are like schools of dolphin breaking through green waves in a summer sea. The part used in traditional Chinese medicine is the dried root, which has a bitter and cold energetic. Contains distinctive flavones, specifically
baicalin and wogonin, which have antiallergic, diuretic, hypotensive, antibacterial, antiviral, tranquilizing and fever-reducing effects.

In practical terms, it is one of the best agents for cooling an infection, and I recommend it especially for people who are travelling and may contract dysentery--it cures the diarrhea.
  This is one of the best Chinese plants to grow organically in America. Not only is it a very striking bedding plant, bearing one of the nicest flowers available from this catalog, but there is on-going demand for the root, which attains harvestable size after only 2 years. Cultivation: Easy. Sow seed in early spring. Germ. in ~24 days. Prefers well-drained soil in the full sun. Cold hardy. Space plants 12 inches apart. To 12 inches tall. As the plants age they become wider, much like humans in middle age, but unlike humans, the seed they produce becomes increasingly viable the older they get.
Organically grown 50 seeds/pkt.

Note:  Actually, I'm pretty excited about Baical Skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) for treatment of pandemic diseases such as avian flu.  My experience is that the root of this plant, which has been used in Chinese medicine for a very long time as the herb Huang-qin, is extremely effective for treating contagious flu-like maladies.  There is really no better anti-infection agent in herbalism, to my knowledge.  The herb is more effective if grown in poor, sandy soil.  Added advantages of Huang-qin are 1) lack of side-effects, 2) quick to germinate and easily grown throughout the temperate US 4) pretty 5) and can be harvested in the fall of first or (better) second year 6) no side effects.  Here's a picture of the freshly harvested root--extremely potent as you can probably tell.

Germination Note:  I tested commercial seed I got from China against our organic seed and the chinese seed gave 30% germ and the organic seed gave 95% germ.  The organic seed came up in 10 days and the commercial seed came up in 12 days.  The organic seed was more vigorous than the commercial seed.  RAC

Text from a small article written by Richo that appeared in the AHA Quarterly:

The Chinese herb Baical Skullcap, known in Chinese as Huang-qin (Scutellaria
baicalensis) has a history of medicinal usage dating back over 2,000 years.
The bright yellow roots of this pretty perennial herb are used traditionally
to abate diarrhea and dysentery and to enhance liver function in the
treatment of hepatitis.  They are also an active antibacterial treatment for
Staph (Staphylococcus aureus) infection, which is a major cause of secondary
infections in hospitals in the US.
  In Traditional Chinese Medicine,
practitioners use Huang-qin as frequently as Westerners use Goldenseal. Many
Westerners have yet to appreciate Huang-qin to the extent that it deserves.

An added bonus is that the herb is well suited to cultivation in the western
states, thriving in gardens all the way from Washington down to Southern
California.   Relatively easy to start from seed in the spring, the plants
prefer a full sun position and deep, dry, well-drained soils.  The flowers
appear for the first time in the fall of the first year, and after that the
plant flowers copiously every summer, producing heady blue or purple blooms
for as long as three months before the blossoms give way to the
characteristically hooded seed capsules.  Baical skullcap is a low-lying
bedding plant, excellent for high-use areas such as next to pathways.  After
the third year of growth, the roots may be dug and dried for medicinal use.
No fancy processing is necessary.  The roots can be sliced into sections
while fresh and dried in the shade, then made into tincture or tea.  Good
quality roots are bright yellow, not green or black.  Any herb that looks
that good in the garden and treats the formidable adversaries hepatitis and
staph deserves plenty of attention!

 This is hard to find, a sister in the lord Deb Lesar, gave me many herbs and 1lb of this, made in to tincture and is liquid gold, I am saving it for any out break.

So, antibiotics have been over used , it is in GMOP feed and cattle, pigs etc. shot with antibiotics, over prescribing of antibiotics is what has produced the super bugs, or flu shots, antibiotics simply do not work anymore, it is said due to this it an out break is to hit and it will this government source said, it will kill billions, not millions, billions, with so many odd things around our world, and even biological warfare agents you need these two herbs to day, the book and mark my words trey GSE on any infection 2 tab a a day 3-5 days normally 3 days anything I see goes away from dental issues to intestines you name it. 100% success.
Oddly the bottles say take as a daily supplement , do not do this, and why they say that is almost criminal and can kill you why? It kills all bacteria, good ones also, do not take more than 5 days and only when needed this is not a prevention herb it is a 911 herb.

If you dare take it over a week you need to eat Yogurt or anything to put good bacteria back in you so you do not become sicker.

So, why so many prepper MD's and others push and sale fish mox it is insane and will do nothing fro you. Do the research, look into the book, try the two herbs and see for yourself.

link to the Herbal Antibiotics all should read is at,

I have edition one, also herbal antivirals. link-

I posted the top antibiotic herbs and antivirals, many do both, Mullein is one anyone can grow, Lemon Balm, and others, you need not go exotic, but the two herbs in this post should be obtain asap.