FREE First Aid-CPR training Website-FREE Advanced First Aid Training

This is 100% real and FREE. You will not be certified, but you get free training and a PDF with your name and course. This is an excellent alternative to learning and getting certified on line. You can pay a low fee for CPR-First Aid on a site I found under 40.00 and both certifications are good for two years, but this is honestly the same information. It also has not only free first aid basic, but also more advanced first aid course. 

In a situation of a 'Good Samaritan', this would help to verify you have studied the required courses , sites on the net have take a test and pat for certs. 
The free website  has five courses

1. First aid
2.Advanced first aid
3. Pediatric first aid
4. CPR
5. AED

Learn free and be prepared today do not hold off on such free learning as I post many things to aid you in free learning.