Game for privacy is gone, mass surveillance is here to stay – Assange on #RT10 panel

I used to give advice on different ways to protect your privacy on the net, this last year, I gave up. No way can anyone  have any privacy anymore. I still use a couple free utilities all should have,  CCleaner, use after every time on internet, gets rid of tracking cookies and stuff at-least, also, download ATF cleaner. Links are at geeks to go. The links are as follows, also you can use start page a new web browser that is much more secure, but be ready for this, someone is fighting it as almost always, for me, pages do not load or take forever, you may be different and its a IE thing, good choice but as you will read and see, if you watch the almost 1 hour vid, it is true no more privacy. We must just live with it. Many say, I care not, I am not a criminal, I am a law abiding citizen-Look TPTB covered that saying in a action movie, called, ' Law abiding citizen', naturally he was a home grown terrorists and he was, but you see the word game, so your a law abiding citizen has nothing to do with anything. If you are a Christian, a pepper, an activist, on line posting truth, you are a home grown terrorist. You hate socialism? Guilty, to jail soon many will go, unauthorized detention act all set up and waiting for the engagement of Camp FEMA.

Ok the links, get these OK.

The story now.

Humanity has lost its battle for privacy and must now learn to live in a world where mass surveillance is becoming cheaper for governments to implement, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said during a panel dedicated to RT’s 10th anniversary.

Assange addressed the panel on security and surveillance hosted by RT in central Moscow on Thursday via videoconference from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has remained holed up for the last three years in order to avoid extradition to Sweden.

When offered a chance to comment on the session’s topic – “Security or Surveillance: Can the right to privacy and effective anti-terror security coexist in the digital age?” – the whistleblower asked the moderator, and host of The Big Picture Show on RT American, Thom Hartmann: “How long have you got, Tom?” implying he has a lot to say on the issue.

But it was Assange’s only joke during the event, as his reply turned out to be gravely serious and in many respects depressing.

Streamed live on Dec 10, 2015

To celebrate RT’s ten-year anniversary we are bringing together the leading international experts to discuss these developments, exchange ideas and address the challenges facing the world today.

From Middle East security to the battle of media narratives, from the role of Russia on the world stage to information privacy at the time of a global terrorist threat — get ready to Question More.

Speakers: Margarita Simonyan, Nigel Parsons, Liu Ge, Arnab Goswami, Sam Tomlinson, Anna Williams

Moderator: Raymond Snoddy