Gerald Celente-2016 Predictions, Gold, Silver War and Collapse-This Is It Beloved Listen Up

The word of the lord will come to pass, 2016 by March end the main event. 2016 the economic collapse. I have warned, given words from the lord, this is serious, I pray all heed.
Trends research, real truthful economic news, do not listen to false network news all is not ok, nor is t going to be. 2016 Chaos times three. Gerald Celente always says it like it is, some may have never heard of this man, welcome to true economic news . 

The YT users words than video below watch and listen, learn the truth. 

 Published on Dec 6, 2015

On global war, trends researcher Gerald Celente says, “Unfortunately, when all else fails, they take us to war. Look, go back to 1929 and the market crash. You had market crashes, Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars, world war. Voila, here we are again. Panic of ‘08, Great Recession, currency wars world war. . . . When the market collapses, the war talk will heat up.”

Gold and silver are running counter to other commodities. Why? Celente says, “Demand is up for gold and silver. To me, it is the ultimate safe haven. I’ve been saying since 2012 and 2013 that the bottom for gold is about $1,050 an ounce. I gave that number out because that’s about what it costs to pull it out of the ground. . . . Gold is about planning for the worst.”

So, is the spike in gold and silver demand a precursor to the next crash, which Celente is predicting to be coming soon? Celente says, “I totally believe so. . . . It’s definitely worse now. Look at the bubble they created.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal.

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