I am Going To Post Several Audios From The FREE Bible College The Study Is On The Pastoral Epistles

It is very hard in this fast paced world to get anyone to watch a 10 min video , let alone an audio only teaching, look, if your hungry to learn these audios will be of great help. In the Audios it used to be in the D.Min degree , you will hear me say that many times, I have in 2014 out this as the first course all students must do as it give a great starting foundation in sound doctrine. This was the course that started the whole school, now college, it is the cap stone study in my opinion. 
This is not to promote the college, it is for the body of Christ to learn, get deep in 1, 2, Tim and Titus. To the one or two that will listen to these may the lord bless you as you enter the sound doctrine zone, from my favorite Epistles in the N.T.

Audios were 10 , but 9, I did not count the introduction as audio one I mention this also any times. Sorry it is still a very good series. In this first post I will give the audio introduction and part one of 1 Timothy, you will never look at these Epistles the same way if you take the time to listen and learn.