Two More Must Have 911 Medical PDF Books Free-Post From Herb Blog

I am posting the links to two free PDF books, I have also put links to these in link section, in the link section you can get free 4 or so free medical books.
Ditch Medicine is 25.00 and more on Amazon , this PDF is same book and free.
The Captains Guide wow, it simply can not get any more easy to understand than this book, it may be the best I have seen, used in the 911 herb medical course. Very easy for anyone to understand download that today, Ditch Medicine and where there is no DR and when there is no Dentists and most will be all set, then practice.
I got 100.00 EMT and First Respond-er books used 3.00- wow, look on line. Need hard copy books on many subjects, as one day soon you will not have an internet.

Practice first aid on self, loved ones, CPR, First Respond-er and move on, Anatomy and Physiology basic in captains guide, but need a bit more as other books have it, the link to the 3D anatomy and also our own Dabaldo Publishing -Dabaldos Herbal School- free PDF book on this, and others, free download get these while you can. all 100% free. Link is Free Books

PDF Ditch Medicine-

Captains Medical Guide man get this if anything so, so easy.'s%20Medical%20Guide%20-%2022nd%20Ed.pdf

Read these today download and save on thumb drive and put thumb drive in your trash can Faraday Cadge.