Bread & Milk Vic Dibitetto 30 Sec Video- Wanted To Laugh A Little

This is a re-post from last winter, I have been speaking about how serious this winter will be, I thought oddly enough, of the 30 sec video your about to see, or re-see. This came to mind because its so true, no matter how hard things get, no matter what comes down, we all need to from time to time, STOP, Roll..........and Laugh  Dec Friday the 13th, 2013, Hay Jason is behind you. LOL. Not that Jason, Jason Bourne, more dangerous and real. Now the re-post words from 2012 and the video, this will become a classic vid, till the Internet is down.

I wanted to start this week with a little humor, laughter does the heart good like a medicine, I needed some of that medicine. I am sure there are many reading this that need some of that bible medicine, it never takes a spoon full of sugar to help this medicine go down.

Life is getting more and more intense mentally, spiritually for most of us. The world is freaking out, There were so many stories, I was going to put on the survival blog, It was almost 20 in one day, I through my hands up and said, as they do back in new england, forget about it.

I know I say a,lot I miss R.I. well the snow , storm pitchers, I saw today cured me of that and brought back fond memories of being late for work, taking 2 hours to dig the car out, and no school for foster-Gloucester, a R.I. joke.

I saw this 30 sec video by a comedian, 3 million hits, he had one million plays all time before this, a fellow Italian, so this one funny video made him, viral, wow. It is funny because, during the storm, as in all storms the Internet word from R.I. was bread and milk and how it was all sold out. No matter what a storm , rain ,wind, got to get bread and milk is the N.E. mantra, I laughed so hard, I had to share this, many may have seen it. You really must be a N.E. person to fully love it, I do not know about other snowy areas in America, is it the same, bread and milk.

In the 78' blizzard, we ran out and got all bread and milk, we were snowed in for one week, all we had was bread and milk, makes an ok cereal, but we had to get creative.

This is funny , but also shows, first thing hits the fan, if you do not have food put away, the stores will be empty. I was a grocery Mgr. a while, stores only carry 2-3 days food tops, in most storms, the shelves were empty in a day, imagine a terrorist attack, or something?

Another bad storm Friday Jan 22-2016- I must post this short humors one, yet again , with all that is going on, this is my go to 30 sec short the best.

In this storm, we will see a very bad outcome , for a lot of people. Pray for these in the area, serious, ice storm =lights out. Be alert, ready, and no fear.