Feature Film: The Victor Marx Story - When Impossible Is The Only Way Out

Published on Jun 13, 2013

Humanly speaking, there should be no Victor Marx story. Born to a drug-dealing father who refused to claim his own child, Victor Marx spent a terror-filled childhood as he was abused by multiple step-fathers and dragged between fourteen separate schools and seventeen different houses. Love and stability were flickering dreams amid a nightmarish reality. As a teenager, he sought refuge from his life through the hallucinogenic haze of drugs, but nothing brought peace or hope.

In adulthood, Victor Marx was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness. But, instead of remaining a victim chained to his horrible past, he embraced new life and hope through Jesus Christ.

In The Victor Marx Story you will follow Victor as he ministers to jailed kids and presents a message of glorious hope. Using his skills as a 7th Degree Black Belt in Keichu-Do and a 5th Degree in Weapons, Victor wows audiences with his lightning speed and take-down power, all the while explaining the gospel and giving kids and convicts an example of the power of God's saving grace.

*Parental note: The Victor Marx Story includes intense reenactments and should be viewed by parents prior to allowing young children to view.

The Victor Marx Story was a semi-finalist in the 2013 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.