Published on Jan 19, 2016 ( a 911 by the way) they always use the same numbers  always.

The lord has been saying a few years now, we would see the E.U. Euro, tank before the Petro Dollar, this is the big start, it has been going on in Greece, Cyprus, Brazil, UK, America, Africa. It is the start of a big player in the E.U. Paris, Paris has been under soft martial law since the false flag attack .

Germany is a hot bed, much going on and its all planed to take the nations down and user in the NWO. Turkey is out of control, many words about Turkey Have been posted.The word given a while ago was, France and Germany would leave the E.U. Each day it looks like they are getting closer to this.

This should wake people up, do you understand how close we are to the Prophecy- 2016 ww3, and economic collapse, are you ready, do you have Jesus as your lord and savior, your King, If not,  now is the time to turn to the lord. The lord has given many, many words to me since late 2014 all 100% have happened, the lord still speaks, this is the start of not just the end of the Euro, they are doing the same with the petro USA dollar today, Gas is at a historic low, this is not a good thing.

The whole world is in economic free-fall. I plead make Jesus your lord NOW, if in sin, repent NOW, if your a seeker, find Jesus- today- NOW. 

The lord has given so much warning, no person can say, 'I did not know', the ones that say all is fine, are the head in sand camp, that thinks everything will just continue as it is, and soon all will be back to normal. NO........... IT WILL NEVER BE NORMAL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you hearing me, listen, do not be a head in sand Christian and be caught unaware.

Prov 22:3,Prov 27:12, The prudent man  forsees danger, and hides himself, the simple just go straight ahead and fall into the trap (Hebrew Correct render)

Pro 14:15 The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.

I tell you this day so, so, many will be caught and in a trap, many will never get the head in sand, out of the sand, sadly; most will not believe until it is to late. Repent, Repent, listen to the word, repent, repent all is falling apart NOW.

Hollande declares France is in a 'state of economic emergency' and throws £1.5 BILLION at reducing unemployment

President Francois Hollande claims his country is in 'economic emergency'
He has promised £1.5billion in spending to try and reduce unemployment
But he has also pledged the money will come from savings, 'not tax rises'

By Corey Charlton for MailOnline

Published: 08:07 EST, 18 January 2016 | Updated: 08:51 EST, 18 January 2016

French President Francois Hollande has declared France is in a 'state of economic emergency' and has promised to spend £1.5billion to try and reduce the country's high unemployment rates.

Mr Hollande today pledged huge spending on a package of measures to fight the stubbornly high unemployment that has dogged his four years in power.

Labelling the country in 'a state of economic emergency' and requiring urgent new measures, the socialist also promised the spending would not come from tax rises.

In a speech to business leaders, he said: 'These two billion euros will not be financed through extra taxes of any kind. They will be financed by savings.'

One billion euros will be spent on training schemes for unemployed people.

Joblessness, which stands at around 10 percent or 3.57 million people in the eurozone's second-largest economy, was the 'only issue which ranks above security for the French people', he claimed.

Mr Hollande said France needed to 'increase the pace of reforms' and innovation was 'key' to getting people back to work.

'France must also increase training, education and the level of qualifications of its workers,' he said.

After several years of sluggish growth, the French economy took another blow with the jihadist attacks in November that killed 130 people, which slowed activity in the fourth quarter.

Under the new measures to stimulate recruitment, companies employing fewer than 250 people will receive a 2,000-euro bonus for each new employee with a contract of more than six months, under certain conditions.

Hollande dismissed suggestions that he was trying to 'artificially' reduce unemployment as he prepares for a bid to secure re-election in the 2017 presidential election.

Despite this, the new measures were greeted with scorn by the opposition.

'What planet are Francois Hollande and his government living on if they think it is enough to pay a company that takes someone on a cheque of 1,000 or 2,000 euros?' said Guillaume Larrive, of the right-wing Republicans led by former president Nicolas Sarkozy.