History Repeats-WE Have Never Seen Such Global Chaos-The Second American Revolution Is At The Door

I have been seeing things almost hourly that are simply, almost beyond belief. Things are escalating very fast, no one can keep up with it, and no one that is a Christian should even try. It will only distract you and me, for our Holy duties to our King.

It seems no place on earth is untouched, no doubt these things that the ministry has been saying, are now at our door step. But wait! We do not fear. It is important to know history , this is without doubt. History teaches us many things, it shows us what will be again.

Do you know history? You should. Do you know bible history, the facts? You should. These are the things clearly revealed to us and not secret things that belong to our lord .

We are at the door of a second American Revolution. A new national love and understanding of the US Constitution is waking people up to- the lord allowed tyranny. I have long said the country is under Judgment, we are losing our freedoms, we are losing our Constitutional rights and honestly, what can we do? Pray, we are not called to wrath, it will fall on all of us, there is no getting around this fact, the curtain is ready to fall. WE do not live in fear, we no longer need a Prophet to tell us secret things, anyone that knows history, anyone that knows the facts of how our lord dealt with his People in the O.T. The same will happen to his N.T. Ones. This is not all bad, we have at all of our doors, the greatest chance, challenge, and hope, any of us have ever lived to see.

1776 all know, 1776 also was the year the Illuminati was born, by chance, on the same great event of 1776? I think not, but all while these evil plans have been in play many centuries, great chances to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ has never been greater.

People are scared, and more people are listening. Do not let this new page in our history go with out arising to this challenge in holy, humble, boldness, to show this dark world the light of Jesus Christ.
Yes beloved, history is about to repeat so know and understand history , as it will give insight and you will know how to connect the dots very easy.

Yes the Second American Revolution , I feel, may be the next event we see, look at History, because it is going to repeat, maybe , any day.

This thought was on my heart this early AM. I was given and obscure verse and it pointed to this fact.

Est 1:13 Then the king said to the wise men, which knew the times, (for so was the king's manner toward all that knew law and judgment:

Who were these Wise Men?


Wise men ... - Not “astrologers,” who were unknown in Persia; but rather men of practical wisdom, who knew the facts and customs of former times.
For so was the king’s manner - Some render it: “for so was the king’s business laid before all that knew law ...”


Then the king said to the wise men that knew the times,.... Astrologers, as Aben Ezra, that knew the fit time for doing anything; or that had knowledge of ancient times, historians, well read in history, and knew things that had happened similar to this:

for so was the king's manner towards all that knew law and judgment; it was customary with him in any case of difficulty to have the opinion and advice of those that were expert in the law, and well understood right and wrong. These are called by Herodotus (t) the king's judges.

I repeat what Barnes wrote, as it is my message.

..... men of practical wisdom, who knew the facts and customs of former times.
I repeat a part of Gill:

..historians, well read in history, and knew things that had happened similar to this:

These Wise men were Men who knew history, and they were consulted.

Consult the Bible, consult the lords wisdom, but know History. I end with Meyers devotion today, it fits, and it spoke to my heart.
Hold on beloved, because the storm of the century has already started.

"As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: Be zealous therefore and repent. Behold I stand at the door, and knock."-- Rev_3:19-20.

CHRIST KNOCKS at the door when His Judgments are in the earth. That God has arisen to shake mightily the earth is hardly doubtful. This is a day of the Lord of Hosts, when judgments are abroad upon all that is proud and haughty, upon the cedars and the oaks, upon the high mountains and the uplifted hills. But it is at such a time that He draws near to reassure us (Isa_2:11-21; Joe_3:16).

On the eve of the overthrow of the Cities of the Plain, He came to the door of Abraham's tent, partook of his fare, and gave promises of assurance to himself and Sarah which unfolded the Divine Purpose. Standing before the Lord, Abraham was prepared for the tragedy of the morrow, and was permitted an intimacy in which he seemed possessed by a passion for God's rectitude and righteous dealing.

Do not fear the things that are coming, but open to Him who knocks for admission. He has come to spend the dark hours in your fellowship, as a mother runs to her child's cot, when a sudden thunderstorm sweeps the sky.

Christ knocks when we are preparing for some great task. You are going forth on one of His errands, and expect misunderstanding or opposition, or you are uncertain as to your reception. Like Moses, you say: "Send by whom Thou wilt send, but let it not be by me." With Jeremiah, you plead: "I am a child, I cannot speak." Like the Apostles, you have to face a world in arms. At such a time, He waits at the door to encourage and inspire. On the night following the upheaval in the Sanhedrin, where Paul was nearly torn to pieces, the Lord stood by him, and said: "Be of good cheer!"

Christ knocks when bereavement enters our homes. We all know what it is to be full of longing "for the beloved ones, whom we cannot reach by deed or token, gesture or kind speech." The ship's masts have sunk below the rim of the horizon, in the sunset, and we turn back to homes out of which all light has gone. It is then that you may surely expect a gentle knock at the door, and He who came to Bethany when Lazarus died, that He might mingle His tears with those of the sisters, will certainly come to the door of your heart, and knock for admission that He may help to fill the gap.

Come nearer to us than the nearest. Enter our hearts, saying, Fear not, I am with thee, I will help thee. Give us all that we need to enable us to fight the good fight, add finish our course with joy. AMEN.