New Better Video About The 100% Tuition Free Herb School

This great tuition free herbal school is simply the best, and the price is great, this is the only herbal school in the world  that is tuition free, and it is as good as any herbal school in the world. I can say that in all honesty, If you have looked around, you may have, if your watching this video, you know what herbal schools charge.

I have a burden to teach herbal medicine, I have had my herbal teaching blog up a while, not long ago I made a new site for this herbal school, the video explains all I do for free, herbal intakes, a free herbal clinic in Yermo Ca,, the herbal school is coming along much better than most high paid schools, you will learn the same things for almost nothing, 4 diplomas.

1.Home Herbalist

2.Community Herbalist.

3.Master Herbalist

4. A 911 Herbal Medic diploma, the small administration fee , one time allows you top take all four diplomas if you want to.

The herbal school is at,

You need to learn how to use herbs today, even if you do not sign up, learn herbs now. Study the plants in your area, it is soon to be your pharmacy.

I offer UN-limited herbal consultations -intakes free, I offer all I do for free, it you have any questions ask, I will do my best to give you a detailed answer, you can use the comment section, email, call, I will do all I can do 100% free.
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