Antonin Scalia Killed- NDRR and What is a DDR? It's Hitting The Fan

I heard a video, it was around 2-3 weeks ago, I think I posted it. The speaker said, we are one Supreme court Judge away from 100% tyranny. He was speaking of this one Judge, who stood for the constitution and good. 2-3 weeks later , this Judge is dead?

There is no such thing as Republican-Democrat as you know, we have only one political party. The Republicans are freaking out over this and with good cause.

I can not get over I just heard this video and now this man is dead.

The reason, FEMA camps, NDAA, and more. The DDR in USA.
U.N. Job, it was posted see links. The job description is as follows.

Act as a focal point DDR (Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration.)
Have you ever heard of a DDR? Most have not, to have this Judge killed, and the NDAA hot bed, ww3 looms its crazy time.

The DDR says it all, the plan, these three words are what is coming, re-education in FEMA camps, taking people off lands, putting them In controlled cities, If you never heard of this, it is stranger than fiction, it is real and yet sounds 100% insane, too odd to even grasp. It is real, reader, soon many will be in camps, killing,blood shed and 100% all out Chaos is on us NOW.

The loss of Freedom, this has been covered, evil people the lord is allowing to do this to the USA and West as all have kicked Jesus out of the state.

It matters not who  the next president is, if we have a next one. Do you follow the Prez race, if so why? Your vote is hacked, and it does not count, electoral votes do, and no one like Trump, or
others, will not save America. I have been reading, many think a new Prez will save the day.

The elections are a long way off, and with things going as they are, and the many 2016 Prophecy's coming to pass, and history repeating events, I do not see us gong on, as sub normal until a new Prez is elected, it will not matter, it will soon be Military Rule.

I have spent 5 years Waring of Judgment, get right with the lord, be a F.T. Christian, a call to battle in prayer. The remnant I see gets smaller everyday.

What else can I say, see links and understand what is coming and going on right now.
Soon its lights out.

You Tube User Professor Doom-The source of some of the information.
Published on Feb 15, 2016

If you want to listen to a solid guy on YT he is such one. I do not endorse all he does, so I am not posting the video, but I recommend you click it and listen.

The lord be with you beloved.