Comfort Ye My People-Sermon In The Desert- A Voice In The Wilderness

What I posted with this video on Dec 10 , 2012 WOW.

Published on Dec 10, 2012
The message is from ISA Ch 40, it contains a word of comfort and goes on into being a voice in the wilderness, and than to a stern rebuke for the Christians that hate the poor, there are many, a free flow prophetic sermons , that is my style, no notes, just the word and let the spirit lead

I came across this old sermon. It starts with a soft tone and comfort to the Remnant bride, and turns into  Holy Anger against the persecution of the Poor, by Christians. It blasts the Church and the Local Church's where I am.

 I was watching it and it ministered to me. Some may say, 'You watch yourself?'. Look I have thousands of messages, hundreds of videos, and things all over the internet I do not remember even posting. This message sounds as if I was preaching it today.

A true Evangelist, love, rebuke, and ends in love and comfort again. I ask all to see this one. I am dressed in rags, unsaved, have a cap on. This is Raw, and full of the anointing, may it speak to the ones that need comfort and to those who need this rebuke.

It starts out with the message almost in a real soft voice and takes a big turn. It does not put the rich down, but a rebuke to Christians in the Church that lit. Hate the poor. The division is in our world, but it is just as bad in the Church, this should not be. The lord hates it.