Despondency- What Is It- And What To Do-Free E-Book


DESPONDENCY, n. A sinking or dejection of spirits at the loss of hope; loss of courage at the failure of hope, or in deep affliction, or at the prospect of insurmountable difficulties.



General references;

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See Afflictions; Resignation; Sorrow; Suffering

Instances of:

Cain, when God pronounced judgment upon him for the murder of Abel

Hagar, when cast out of the household of Abraham on account of the jealousy of Sarah

When sent on his mission to the Israelites
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At the Red Sea

When the people lusted for flesh

The Israelites, on account of the cruel oppressions of the Egyptians

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Jonah, after he had preached to the Ninevites
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Dear reader, are you having a loss of hope, loss of courage, in deep affliction, insurmountable difficulties? Despondency!

I put out a free e-book a while ago that would be of help.
Title, 'How To Make It In The Coming Hard Days And The Days We Live In'.

Read it today, the link is,

Now days there seems to be a global 'Spiritual Despondency', it is sweeping man's hearts.
This is 100% normal at times, but we do not want to stay in a place of no hope. It matters not what comes, when, how, it is a loss of hope and courage that makes many no longer pray and believe in the Holy Bible.

You have hope, today and the days coming.
I pray you do not let the news, the enemies of Christ, nor anything keep you in the chains of 'Spiritual Despondency'. This can be handled with only one on one prayer with the lord, study of His word, and ministering to others, while your feeling this way.

Ministering to others will always make you feel better.

I continue to read emails of people who are deep fear, I have posted many messages on this.

It does no Good. Hope is our anchor, it is our lord as we stand on the solid rock and look to our Holy Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

One can not go a day without another War, a rumor of war, but Jesus said, “These things must be, see that you are not afraid” in Matt Ch 24.

I encourage you to stand fast, do not lose hope or fall from the faith.
Stand on this short exhortation, and read that little book, it may be just what you need. I ask you to read, study, the word of the lord, come to him in simple prayer, and faith, he will not leave you comfortless in your trial. You will make it, just keep your eyes on Jesus in the days we live in, and the hard days just ahead.