"TRUE LOVE" A must, One of the most powerful inspirational video's you will ever see!-Re-post Must Pass It On

I will say, the You Tube Introduction is no exaggeration, wow.

The Story in the dramatic video , I have never seen such a thing, this would be one you will want to share. It is a mini movie , a preacher  preaching, the video I assume on the screen. Beyond Hollywood quality. This will as the You Tube user says; Below , this will do the job, if you are not touched, blown away, by this one, you need to check your pulse.

I beg all to watch this and please pass it on, use it. The most suborn non- believer will have a hard time holding back the tears. I read one comment. The person, said, 'I am not religious at all, but  this touched me'. Amazing find, top quality and what a tool to use. If anyone that sees this accepts Christ, please comment, or email me. If you were touched by this please comment. This may be one of the very best movie, Gospel shorts I have ever seen.

I wept, you may need some tissue before you see this. To the believer, this will give you a new appreciation for Jesus death on the cross and his resurrection, I just can not believe the quality. Who ever did this  for the Evangelist, it was top dollar. I know production, this was not cheap. Jesus in this short, wow! whoever played him, it made me feel renewed and grateful. This will stay with you for a long while, mark my words

 Published on Aug 5, 2013

This is a story of love that will leave you in a state of awe. If you have ever doubted you are loved this one is truly for you.
Open up your heart and take a journey into the lives of a Father and a Son and see how they both change the world with a single choice.

Evangelist Steve Hill


  1. Jim Caviezel plays Jesus. Those scenes are from the movie"The Passion of the Christ". This short film is very soul stirring, and I cry every time I see it. Thanks for posting it again.

  2. wow I did not know that, all of it? the last part? I must see this movie yes I never saw it and will need to do so. Thank you for your comment and I as well am blessed and blown away by this video, pass it on.
    Lord love you beloved of the lord. Dr Dan

    P.S. the very start of the movie is that from the passion? I am sure on that one, ? could be.

    1. Only the scenes that have the crucifixtion and the end where He is risen. The rest with the train and the boy are not part of the Passion.

  3. Thank you for your comment, Steve hill passing was a lose , it, this film I passed on to all my Bible college students and many have used it for outreach and services all over the world, all could use this the same way powerful.

    1. I didn't know he passed. Powerful words... If you get a chance check out Seventhvial 213 latest video, also some powerful preaching.


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