Amazing New Things And A Board now- 100% tuition free Herb school

There have been many changes over the past month, we know have qualified consultants- board members, I will introduce them now.
 Now the board and why our school took a huge leap into a top notch herbal school.


Danny L. Abaldo Biography
Founder of The New Herbal Guild ACHG, Founder Professor of Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies, bible College, Author of several free E-Books. Founder of truth and mercy ministries on-line. Dr Degree from A.R.M.O.R. Center School of Ministry, almost 40 years as a Herbalist, an academic, writing, Master Herbalist Practice in So Cal. Founder of D'Abaldo Herbals, and Dabaldo Herbal School. Recording artist, Recording Engineer, head professor of two colleges.  


DR.  Robert Alan Scholler- Consultant-Board Member
 Faculty: Robert Alan Scholler
Founder & Instructor of Scholler School of Natural HealthCare, Inc.

Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N.) – Rainy River Community College                            2001 – 2002

Registered Nurse Degree (R.N.) – Hibbing Community College                                     2002 – 2003

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies – NYIT, Ellis College                            2005 – 2007

Certified Health Specialist (C.H.S.) – Trinity College of Natural Health                             2005-2007

Certified Nutritional Counselor (C.N.C.) – Trinity College of Natural Health                     2005 – 2007 

Doctorate of Naturopathy (N.D.) – Trinity College of Natural Health                                  2005 – 2007

Doctor of Naturopathy Ministry (D.N.M.) – Trinity College of Natural Health                     2005 – 2007

Master Herbalist (M.H.) – Trinity College of Natural Health                                                  2005 – 2008

Master of Business Administration in Health Care (M.B.A.) – NYIT, Ellis College              2007-2009
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.M.D.) – Kingdom College of Natural Health               2006 – 2008

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – Kingdom College of Natural Health                                     2012 – current

Licensed Doctor of Ňedicine – American Ňedicine Licensing Board                                   2012 – current
Doctor of Health Education (D.H.Ed.)

My licensure can be verified at

DR.  Robert Alan Scholler-Consultant-Board Memeber

If you would like to become a N.D. or other advanced levels, visit Schollers school today,


Travis J. Warner
11276 Harrison Avenue
Farwell, MI 48622
(989) 762-4107

Growing Freedom - Clare MI Owner   2010 - current
  • Podcast/radio host – nursery – wellness education
  • Teach and promote regenerative, holistic and sustainable agricultural practices, gardening via Permaculture principles
  • Teach and promote holistic medicine
  • Private practice wellness and nutrition consulting and education
  • Regenerative food forest gardening and landscape design


  • Studied health and wellness at the collegiate level
    Athletic training and rehabilitation, nutrition
  • Certified first response, CPR and First aid, burn trauma
  • Certified and practicing Permaculturist
  • Certified Health Coach and consultant via The Health Coalition
    Test, evaluate and educate on balancing body chemistry
  • Ongoing education in leadership, marketing, sales, health and wellness seminars

  • Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, MI
  • Permaculture Design Course From three schools
  • Certified in advanced plant propagation Permaethos
  • Health Coach Certification The Health Coalition 

Paul Matthews
Address: 62 Hazelbury Green, Clonee, Dublin 15, Ireland,
Telephone: 00353877780391
Health Sciences Academy (UK) 2015

Nutritional Therapy
Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

Dublin Simon Community (Homeless NGO)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 2015
Mindfulness Practitioner Course 2015
Emotional First aid 2014
Anger Management 2014
Suicide Prevention Training 2014
Motivational Interviewing. 2013
Working with sex offenders 2010
Informed Trauma Care 2010
Working with sex workers 2009
Assertive Outreach 2008
Inter Agency Key working 2008


NESTA Sleep Science
NESTA Kids Nutrition specialist
NESTA Fitness Chef

Hypnotension Programme (UK) 2014

Certified Hypnotension Practitioner

National Stop Smoking Centers (UK) 2010

Stop Smoking Specialist

American School of Hypnosis (USA) 2009

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

American International Association of Hypnosis (USA) 2010

Certification of Hypnotherapy
Certified Hypnosis Instructor

National Guild of Hypnotists (USA) 2010

Certified Hypnotherapist

Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Procedure (UK) 2014

Certified Practitioner

International Hypnosis Federation (USA) 2013

Certified Weight Loss Specialist

MindCare Organisation
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Complete Mind therapy (CMT)

Paul Matthews, Paid for the herb school to have its own domain. The school is no longer using weebly, but word press. Brother Matthews set up the website and put it together, I thank the lord for this and his being such a great helper, giver and dear friend

I will soon have a Podcast, and much more, there are some good changes that will be posted soon. The only 100% tuition free herbal school that I have ever heard of. PTL.
The new website is at,

The Christian herb guild ACHG is open to anyone who wants to become a member.