Windows 10 Spying is worse than I ever imagined-DO NOT USE WINDOW 10

I have been warning all I see not to use win 10 its a spy version, security, privacy issues I am including a couple Videos for you to see.
IN one of the videos the person says does Google track your searches, yes and what to do. Start Page is an excellent browser and they can not track so use start page to use as browser must have Win Explorer not fire fox..yet. 

Of late you all have seen fire fox trying to get you to make all private this is a 100% lie do not buy into that. Fire fox used to have a search deal called Scroogle, by X anger Google, Microsoft people, the thing was amazing and was an add on to fire fox, they caved in and no longer have it. Why would they do that, because scroogle was the real deal and fire fox is part of Big Brother as many are , but not Start Page. Use C Cleaner I spoke of, free, today and atf cleaner to do each time you close down your browser do this esp CC cleaner.

Published on Jan 14, 2016

Microsoft revealed some alarming statistics showing they track users right down the the length of time the spend on the Internet, the number of pictures they view, and what they do on their system.

Anti-Tracking measures are not good enough, as they lack a complete list of Microsoft tracking domains.

My tool, NoTrack, which runs on a Raspberry Pi, will do a better job.
Its currently in Alpha testing if you want to take a look:

Windows 10 is a Tool to Spy on Everything You Do

Published on Aug 2, 2015

Windows 10 is nothing more than a spy tool that will keep track of every action, email, conversation, video, picture, or anything else that you do on your computer.